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Should You Replace or Refurbish Your Steam or Hot Water Boiler?

Over time, even the most well-maintained steam or hot water boilers will begin to fail, with declining efficiency and increasingly frequent breakdowns steadily boosting operating costs. In the long run, replacing the system altogether is a much smarter investment than paying for repeat repairs. However, in some instances, your existing equipment can be completely refurbished, reducing expenses and allowing you to get the maximum value from your boiler system.


With the proper facilities and parts, skilled technicians can refurbish a wide range of equipment, restoring it to like-new condition. Every valve, pipe, and wire is carefully inspected, cleaned, or replaced if necessary, and all corrosion is completely removed. The refurbishing team may also completely replace the entire control system, restoring the efficiency of your boiler system and ensuring your equipment continues operating well for years to come. For many manufacturing facilities, refurbishment is an excellent alternative to full replacement.


While refurbishing your system can dramatically extend its life span, some systems are so outdated or damaged that they need to be replaced. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of innovative designs that are dramatically more efficient than older models and provide a greater degree of control. If your existing boiler room is based on obsolete technology, you may be able to save more money in the long run by replacing the entire system, reducing utility costs and waste.

With over 70 years of experience and a reputation throughout the Cincinnati area for high-quality service, the technicians at the Smith Hughes Company will help you decide whether refurbishment or replacement is best for your manufacturing facility. Their experienced team can completely restore a broad range of boilers, either on-site or in their state-of-the-art shop. Whether you are looking to purchase a boiler or rent a boiler, contact Smith Hughes to speak with a member of their team now, or call 1-888-956-SHCO for 24-hour emergency service.

Whether you need a hot oil heater rental, thermal fluid heaters or any other type of rental boiler, we have the resources you need available for whenever you need them. Smith Hughes services boilers in OhioKentuckyIndiana, and beyond.

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