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Whether you need a new or rental boiler , turnkey installation or help maintaining your current unit, you can depend on Smith Hughes. 

We are a family-owned and operated business specializing in the needs of commercial and industrial operations across Indiana and the Greater Cincinnati area. We offer long-term solutions and 24/7 emergency service to ensure your boilers are continually operating at maximum efficiency. 

We have complete boiler room packages, including turnkey installation services, equipment design and maintenance explicitly tailored to your needs. Our OSHA-certified technicians have got you covered with boiler services, refurbished boilers and rental packages for your business. 

Indiana Package Boilers and Boiler Systems

Smith Hughes has provided high-quality package boilers, boiler room equipment and boiler systems for over seven decades. 

Our package boilers and boiler systems for sale and lease in Indiana include: 

  • Vapor Power Modulatic® high-pressure compact steam boilers: These models are single-pass water tube units. Features include high-quality steam, rapid start-up, low-cost coil replacement, simplified fuel switching and low fuel requirements.
  • Vapor Power Circulatic® Vapor Power steam generators: This boiler type provides process and heating steam at low costs for commercial and industrial applications. It includes easy access to burners, rapid start-up, low-cost coil replacement, high-quality steam, minimum pre-purge energy loss and low installation costs.
  • Vapor Power/HSI electric boilers and heaters: This line includes HSI RCH electric heaters, HSI BBJ electrode boilers and HSI electric boilers. They provide economical, fast and efficient hot water and steam for heating using electric resistance elements.
  • Vapor Power HI-R-Temp® thermal fluid heaters: These thermal fluid heaters have a forced-circulation watertube design. Using a watertube design, the Vapor Power thermal fluid heater requires a much smaller footprint than a traditional firetube design of the same capacity.  Features include quick response to load changes, long life with minimal maintenance, low fuel requirements, minimal soot problems, rapid start-up and low installation costs.
  • Fire-tube boilers: All models provide dependable service for various applications.
  • Columbia® boilers: With this line, we offer the Tankless Indirect Fired Water Heater, Waste Oil Boiler, Multi-Pass Horizontal Boiler, Inclined Watertube Steel Boiler, Horizontal 2-pass Fire-tube High-Pressure Steam Boiler and 3-pass Vertical Tubeless Boiler. These suit a wide range of applications — medical centers, waste oil, automotive, building heating and more.
  • Condensing Hot Water Boilers: All models provide dependable service for various applications.
  • Refurbished boilers: Refurbished machines include hot oil heaters, fire-tube boilers and watertube boilers, all re-built by Smith Hughes professionals.
  • Auxiliary Equipment: Water treatment systems, blowdown systems, stack economizers, chemical treatment systems, heat exchangers, expansion tanks, propane vaporizers, transformers, pumps and more.

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In addition to the models listed below, Smith Hughes offers other boilers for rent as well.

If you do not see the model/boiler you are looking for please contact Smith Hughes today to learn about other boiler rental options.

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From 500,000BTU to 18MMBTU.

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Package Boiler Systems Industrial Applications

Our boilers are ideal for the following industries: 

  • Asphalt
  • Breweries
  • Concrete
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Hospitals and hotels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing
  • Ceramics
  • Textile
  • Wood 
  • Paper/printing
  • Oil
  • Rubber
  • Surface treatment and automotive

Indiana Boiler Room Rental Categories

With our inventory of auxiliary equipment and mobile rental boilers, Smith Hughes can provide temporary solutions for 24/7 emergency boiler needs, annual shutdown or increased production. Our rental boilers directly heat facilities through natural gas, propane, or oil-fired operation.We offer training, start-up and installation, as well as the following boilers for rent:

  • Steam boilers: We provide a wide range of steam boilers for multiple industrial uses. Whether you need a trailer-enclosed, trailer-mounted or skid-mounted boiler type, we have it all. Steam boilers can heat large processes and offer consistent high heat transfer capabilities. This boiler type is ideal for situations in which simultaneous direct and indirect heating are needed. 
  • Hot water boilers:  Easy to operate and install, these machines are available in either trailer-enclosed or trailer-mounted boiler categories for maximum mobility. Hot water boilers can be used across many industries and are popular services with customers who desire simple maintenance and operational requirements but need extra boiler capacity. 
  • Hot oil boilers: Our hot oil boiler systems will remain reliable throughout your rental period and can be tailored to your facility’s needs. Hot oil heaters are available in skid-mounted, trailer-mounted and trailer-enclosed rental categories. 
  • Emergency boiler rentals: The service technicians at Smith Hughes will ensure everyone at your facility stays safe with 24-hour emergency boiler repair services for all our boiler types. 

Indiana Boiler Room Rental Options 

Our boiler room rental packages are for year-round use. Each has its own advantages:

  • Mobile boiler room rentals: Our mobile boiler room options are fully enclosed, require no special foundations and can survive all weather conditions. These rentals are transportable, trailer-mounted, highway legal and designed to house all necessary hookups and equipment to supply your energy needs. If you have a long-term project or need an entirely self-sufficient rental, a mobile boiler room rental is ideal. 
  • Trailer-mounted boiler rentals: We offer these rentals in various configurations. Trailer-mounted boiler rentals bring maximum steam, hot water and thermal fluid into your facility while retaining high mobility. These mobile rentals can protect you from the elements and have the power you need for a quick solution. 
  • Skid-mounted boiler rentals: These rentals take precedence when you have a large-scale project where space is a significant concern. Skid-mounted boiler rentals are easy to relocate when needed due to their non-obstructive design. Typical start-up processes, connections and enclosures are simplified with this structure — it offers an economical solution that does not compromise quality. 

Indiana Mobile Boiler Rooms

Mobile boiler room rentals at Smith Hughes provide all the needed boiler functions without the inconvenience of immobile boiler rooms. Our rentals come with operational instructions, exhaust stacks, interior lighting, gas pressure regulators and more.

Our steam rental boiler room packages include:

Benefits of Package Boiler Rentals in Indiana

Our package boiler rentals offer many excellent benefits, with delivery options available anytime and anywhere for facilities of various scopes and sizes. 

Advantages to choosing package boiler rentals from Smith Hughes include:

  • Simplicity: Our service technicians provide complete maintenance services for your boiler rental for the entirety of your agreement. 
  • Safety: All of our rental boilers are built to ASME Code meaning your package steam boiler rental will limit your liability and keep your employees safe. 
  • Productivity: A rental boiler helps you maintain your normal productivity levels while your installed boilers are down for scheduled maintenance or repairs. 

Indiana Industrial Boiler Services

We offer the following services for our industrial boilers to ensure safe and efficient operation at all times:

  • Water softening: We offer water softening services encompassing start-ups, installations, equipment and repairs. 
  • Code welding: We hold an ‘R’ Stamp and a ‘PP’ Stamp as well as multiple code welding procedures for a variety of applications. 
  • Pump services: We offer pump repair and installation services — at the shop or in the field — as well as motor repair. 
  • Boiler room package services: We can design, build, install and maintain entire boiler room packages to meet your needs. 
  • Design and build boiler rooms: When you need a boiler room package designed and/or manufactured according to your facility’s specifications, you can trust the professionals at Smith Hughes. 
  • Boiler services: Choose us for control upgrades, piping, control/valve repairs, refractory repair, combustion analysis, re-tubing, boiler washing and more. 

Reach Out to Smith Hughes for Boiler Rentals, Sales or Service in Indiana

For over 75 years, Smith Hughes has served Indiana and the rest of the Cincinnati tri-state area as a boiler contractor offering maintenance, service and refurbished boilers for sale. If you have questions about an existing unit or are looking for a new boiler or a rental boiler near you, we invite you to reach out to our experienced staff for assistance today.

You can also feel free to browse our boiler room equipment options and industrial water treatment products, including Reverse Osmosis units and water softeners.

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