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Vapor Power Boilers

There are many reasons for companies to rent industrial boilers — some may experience a boiler shutdown, whereas others may need to increase their capacity due to production limitations.

Whatever the reason, if your company needs a boiler rental, we invite you to explore our extensive inventory of Vapor Power rental boiler systems for a variety of pressure and horsepower requirements.

Vapor Power Steam Generators

A steam generator is a type of boiler that uses a coil type construction to minimize water content and be up to full steam output and pressure in approximately in five minutes from a cold start. We offer a wide variety of Vapor Power steam generators, including the following.

  • RT-40A: This 900-psi, natural gas-fired steam generator package features 1,380 pph from and at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • RT-200B: This 600-psi boiler can use either fuel oil or natural gas. Steam output includes: 6,900 pph from and at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • RT-300AB: These 900-psi Vapor Power steam generators feature 10,350 pph from and at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Vapor Power Thermal Fluid/Oil Heaters

    Thermal fluid heaters are similar to water heating systems, but instead of water, they use thermal fluid as the heat transfer medium, which allows for a more straightforward system design.  These heaters are ideal if you require high temperatures, but not high-pressure steam. Some other benefits of thermal fluid heaters over steam boilers include the following.

    • No steam trap-related inefficiencies: Steam traps, which are essential for steam boilers, often cause inefficiencies if not well-maintained. Thermal fluid heaters eliminate the need for steam traps.
    • Operators usually do not need a license:Many jurisdictions require steam boiler operators have a license. However, this is usually not a requirement for thermal fluid heaters.
    • No water treatment system necessary: Since thermal fluid heaters are closed-loop systems, they don’t need any water treatment equipment, which includes a chemical feed tank, a deaerator, softeners, a surge tank and various other items.

    The Vapor Power thermal fluid/hot oil heaters we offer for rent have a compact design and the small volume and high fluid velocity allowing the rental thermal fluid/hot oil heaters to respond quickly to changing system output requirements. They all feature a turndown of 8:1, meaning that they have rapid responses to load changes. The burner is also easily accessible, and their multiple coil design means replacing a damaged coil is inexpensive. They also all come with a low combustion air switch, flame safeguard control, low fluid flow switch and a coil temperature limit switch.

    The Vapor Power thermal fluid heaters, all of which can run on either natural gas or No. 2 fuel oil, are available for rent in the following sizes:

    Vapor Power Boiler Advantages

    Boilers manufactured by Vapor Power boast several benefits that make them exceptionally reliable, efficient and easy to use.

    • Changing fuels is easy: For the combination oil- and gas-fired units, if you want to change the fuel type, you won’t have to change any burner components — all you have to do is turn a selector switch on the control cabinet.
    • You can start them up quickly: Your unit can achieve rate output in only five minutes — drastically less than firetube boilers, which can take an hour or more. This speed is due to the small volume of water or thermal fluid the coils contain.
    • Pre-purge energy losses are minimal: Pre-purge is a necessary process that ensures all combustible gases left over from previous firings are out of the system before you ignite the unit again. It also serves to cool warm surfaces on the interior. Although pre-purge is also often a source of energy loss out the stack, the physical size of Vapor Power’s units allows pre-purge to take place in just a few seconds, which minimizes energy losses.
    • Burner control is excellent: The burner control, along with the coils’ small water volume, means there is a rapid response to load changes.
    • Turndown ratios are high: With turndown ratios as high as 10 to 1, Vapor Power units offer “full modulation.” It allows the unit to handle a wide range of loads, without too much on-off cycling when load conditions are low. Smaller size and less weight: The Vapor Power watertube steam generators weigh less and are more compact when compared to firetube boilers with the same horsepower. This differential will save you floor space, as well as installation costs for new construction. It also often makes it unnecessary to knock down and rebuild walls for replacement and retrofit jobs. If you compare Vapor units to similar units from a competitor, you’ll notice our units weigh more. The reason for this is partly due to our coil design. The coils in Vapor’s 300-psi design Modulatics are for 1,000 psi and 750 degrees Fahrenheit, and hydrotested to 1,500 psi. The coils in the 150-psi design Circulatics are for 750 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,275 psi, and are also hydrotested at 1,915 psi.  While some think this is overengineered, Vapor believes that the increased thickness of the coils gives it a considerably longer life expectancy and leads to much less repair work.
    • Vapor uses multiple coils: Whereas competitors use only one coil in their units, Vapor uses multiple, with as many as four coils in the Modulatic and seven in the Circulatic. If a monotube coil gets damaged, it’s necessary to replace the whole coil. With Vapor’s multiple coil design, you’ll only need to replace the damaged coil, which reduces your coil replacement costs.
    • The burner placement is convenient: The burner of a Vapor steam generator is at the end of the Circulatic (a horizontal unit) and on the top of the Modulatic (a vertical unit). Both these locations make it easier to replace or repair the burner than if it was under the unit.
    • The product range is wide: Steam generators from Vapor come in standard sizes ranging from 18 BHP up to 600 BHP and pressures as high as 3,200 psig. Vapor Power also boasts a wide range of superheaters, with units up to 7,500,000 Btu/hr capability, temperatures as high as 1,250 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures as high as 3,200 psig. There are also combination superheater/steam generator packages available.

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    Smith Hughes is the only Cincinnati-based company that rents, sells, services and installs boilers and provides a complete turnkey package for steam, hot water, thermal fluid/hot oil rentals. We operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year — so you can request our services and equipment whenever you need them. If you have any questions about our Vapor Power rentals or would like to receive a quote, contact us using our form or call us at 1-888-956-SHCO.

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