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Nationwide Delivery of Rental Boilers

Are you looking to rent a boiler or thermal fluid heater? Smith Hughes is a nationwide equipment supplier and servicer of steam, hot water and hot oil rental packages. From our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’ve assisted customers with renting industrial boilers all across the United States. We can replace or repair an existing industrial steam, hot water, or hot oil system or offer a rental package that best fits your needs.

We have an extensive inventory of mobile boiler room lease packages and skid-mounted rental boilers for a variety of horsepower and pressure requirements. Our boilers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, short-term or long-term.

– Nationwide Delivery of Rental Boilers

– Start-Up, Installation, Training

– 24 Hour Emergency Service

Smith Hughes is one of the most trusted package boiler suppliers in nation. We have over 75 years of experience and provide our customers like you with 24/7 boiler rentals whenever and wherever you need them. Our package boiler rentals are in excellent condition, and we have a wide variety of options to choose from to meet your unique needs.

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    Offering a Wide range of Boiler Rental Packages

    As an industry leader, Smith Hughes rents, sells, services and installs boilers and provides a complete turnkey package on site.

    Our packages include rental boilers, mobile boiler rooms, skid-mounted rental boilers and boiler trailer rentals. We offer 24-hour emergency service for installation and start-up service of steam boilers , hot water boilers, and hot oil heaters.

    Please call for more information on renting industrial boilers for equipment sizes not listed.

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    In addition to the models listed below, Smith Hughes offers other boilers for rent as well.

    If you do not see the model/boiler you are looking for please contact Smith Hughes today to learn about other boiler rental options.

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    From 500,000BTU to 18MMBTU.

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    Boiler Rentals and Emergency Rentals

    There are several boiler options available in the rental market today. Our mobile boiler rooms are advantageous because they can survive all weather conditions, are fully enclosed and require no special foundations. Our mobile boiler rooms are also highway-legal, transportable trailer-mounted and designed to house all necessary equipment and hook-ups to supply your energy needs. Mobile boiler rooms are crucial for rapid start-up installations, quick delivery and efficient use. They are entirely self-sufficient and perfect for long-term projects where organization is vital.

    Skid-mounted boiler rentals, on the other hand, are a wise choice for large-scale projects where space is the biggest concern. Due to their non-obstructed design, skid-mounted boilers are easy to re-locate as often as needed. Skids allow for maximum output from the smallest environmental footprint. They are low-cost options that do not sacrifice quality — typical enclosures, connections and start-up processes are simplified with this design.

    We offer the following rental boiler packages:

    • Steam boilersskid-mounted rental boilers, trailer-mounted rental boilers, and trailer-enclosed rental boilers.
    • Hot water boilerstrailer-mounted rental boilers, and trailer-enclosed rental boilers.
    • Thermal fluid heatersskid-mounted rental boilers, trailer-mounted rental boilers, and trailer-enclosed rental boilers.

    What’s Included

    We offer nationwide delivery of rental boilers along with start-up services, professional installations handled by our OSHA-certified technicians, and 24-hour emergency services to keep your rental boilers in good working order. In addition to providing a wide range of rental boilers to customers across industries, our dedicated team is here to provide the support you need for your steam, hot oil or hot water system whenever you need it.

    24-Hour Emergency Service

    When you need immediate assistance with your boiler, we’re always here to answer the call. We provide 24-hour emergency boiler repair services for all of our rental boiler types. Our OSHA-certified technicians are here to keep your boiler systems functioning and everyone in your facility safe from potentially dangerous boiler issues.

    Our Rental Options

    All of our systems are made for year-round use in any weather. Our selection of boilers for rent includes trailer-mounted and trailer-enclosed mobile boiler rooms and skid-mounted boiler rentals. Each of our package boiler rentals has unique advantages, such as:

    • Mobile boiler rooms: A mobile package rental boiler is a self-contained unit and includes everything necessary for long-term operation. All of our mobile boiler rooms are ready for transport and highway legal for 24/7 rapid deployment anywhere you need.
    • Skid-mounted boiler rentals: When you need to save space, our skid-mounted package rental boilers provide the ideal solution. These systems are compact but deliver the power necessary for large-scale projects. Skid-mounted boilers also have a reduced impact on the environment.

    Types of Boiler Rentals

    If you’re looking to rent steam boilers, thermal liquid heaters or hot oil boilers anywhere in the United States, Smith Hughes can meet your needs with an array of package boiler rental options tailored to your facility’s requirements. From mobile boiler rooms to skid-mounted boiler rentals, we guarantee that you can find the right boiler system at the right price in our rental inventory.

    Browse our boiler rental categories below for details on each type of boiler rental we offer.

    Mobile Boiler Rooms

    We offer a wide range of mobile boiler room packages for lease that feature natural gas boilers in enclosed semi-trailers with connected electric piping. Each mobile boiler room package we offer includes interior lighting, operational instructions, gas pressure regulators, exhaust stacks and everything else you need for a functioning mobile boiler room.

    Our mobile boiler room options are available in the following packages:

    Mobile boiler room rentals offer all required boiler functions without the inconvenience of a traditional location-bound boiler room. If you’d like expert help in determining which boiler room type is right for your needs, simply reach out to our knowledgeable team for guidance.

    Trailer-Mounted Rentals

    We offer trailer-mounted boiler rentals in a variety of types and configurations. Trailer-mounted boilers are mobile boilers that are mounted on heavy-duty trailers, which are included when you purchase a trailer-mounted boiler package. These mobile boilers are designed to bring maximum hot water and steam into your facility while retaining as much mobility as possible.

    One of the best advantages of trailer-mounted boilers, such as our 40 HP RT-40A Natural Gas-Fired Steam Boiler, is their mobility. You can tow a trailer-mounted boiler wherever you need it to go, and between facilities, if needed. Trailer-mounted boiler configurations also provide protection from the elements and can be used safely in any kind of weather. When you have a boiler issue in your plant or facility, trailer-mounted boilers provide the power and mobility you need for a quick solution.

    Trailer-mounted boilers from Smith Hughes are also excellent options for providing a temporary boiler solution when you want to avoid downtime during boiler repairs or replacements. These boilers’ powerful operating capacity enables them to keep your facility running normally for the duration of the boiler repair or replacement period. Call us today to learn more about our trailer-mounted rental boiler capabilities and packages.

    Skid-Mounted Rentals

    Skid-mounted boilers offer facilities and plants maximum flexibility when it comes to your boiler’s location. You can use our skid-mounted boiler options both inside and outside of your boiler rooms. Skid-mounted boiler rentals are smart solutions for customers who need extra boiler capacity during a large-scale project or an unexpected production spike. Their mobility makes them easy to configure inside or outside of your facility, and they offer maximum power output with a compact design.

    The mobile design of our skid-mounted rental boilers makes them an excellent option for facilities experiencing the following scenarios:

    • Space is very limited
    • You need extra boiler capacity for a high production season
    • You need a backup boiler while your main boiler is out of commission
    • You need a temporary, high-powered boiler while your boiler room is under construction

    Whatever your reason for leasing a skid-mounted boiler, we offer a wide range of steam boilers and thermal fluid heaters in the skid-mounted category for rent. Skid-mounted boilers will help you maximize boiler power with minimal space. These boilers are excellent options for any plant or other facility that requires additional capacity without the hassle and expense of extensive engineering and permitting.

    Boilers come in a wide range of sizes, configurations and capabilities. Smith Hughes rents hot water boilers, steam boilers and hot oil boilers for use in industrial settings. Browse our boiler categories below to learn more about the types of boilers we rent and their uses. Let our knowledgeable team know if you have any questions about our boilers or their applications.

    Boiler Categories

    Our hot water boilers are designed to provide buildings and facilities with heat. They directly heat facilities through oil- or gas-fired operation, and they are typically easy to install and operate. We offer hot water boilers in our trailer-mounted boiler and trailer-enclosed boiler categories for maximum mobility. Moreover, our industrial hot water boiler rentals require minimal maintenance and come in affordable packages.

    Our water boiler rentals are popular services with customers who need extra boiler capacity but desire simple operation and maintenance requirements. These boiler types can be used across many different industries and are incredibly reliable and efficient.

    We offer a variety of steam boilers for many industrial uses. Included in our industrial steam boiler rental packages are skid-mounted, trailer-mounted and trailer-enclosed boiler types. Steam boilers differ from hot water boilers in that they offer consistent high heat transfer capabilities and are able to heat large volumes of process water.

    Steam boilers rely on combustion to produce energy that is then transferred to the boiler’s water reserve, thus producing the steam. This boiler type is ideally used in situations where simultaneous direct and indirect heating are required. Browse our collection of rental steam boilers and steam boiler packages for more specific details on applications and capabilities.

    We also offer a wide range of hot oil boiler systems for rent. Our hot oil boiler selection includes a variety of packages that can be tailored to your facility’s specific needs, and we guarantee that our rental hot oil boiler systems will remain reliable for the duration of your rental period.

    Unlike traditional hot water boilers, hot oil boilers use oil as a heat carrier in the boiler system. This method allows hot oil boilers to provide consistent heating throughout many different industrial settings and is typically less expensive to maintain than regular water or steam boiler systems. Some hot oil boiler systems use both hot water and oil as heat carriers. However, only hot oil boilers can use oil.

    Emergency Industrial Boiler Rentals

    Boiler malfunctions or breakdowns can happen at any time. For major facilities and plants, this type of incident can cause major delays in production and lead to costly downtime on top of boiler system repairs and replacements. However, Smith Hughes can help you mitigate the aftermath of a boiler malfunction with our emergency industrial boiler rental service. We provide emergency industrial boiler rental services to plants and facilities in any industry that requires a boiler system.

    Facilities can need emergency industrial boiler rentals for a number of reasons. Sometimes, boiler systems experience problems and need to go out of commission for a while as repairs take place. In these cases, we offer various types of emergency rental boilers that can be tailored to your facility’s needs while your main boiler system is being repaired or replaced. Another reason for emergency boiler service includes a surprise increase in facility production.

    We also provide our boiler rental customers with 24-hour emergency boiler repair and replacement services — all performed by our experienced, OSHA-certified technicians. If you have any questions or concerns about our emergency boiler rentals and repair services, contact us today!


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    A Package Rental Boiler to Meet Any Need

    Renting a boiler from Smith Hughes provides a cost-effective and straightforward solution for overcoming a wide range of challenges. Whether you need to respond to a disaster, meet peak demand, keep operating while undergoing repairs or you require extra power for any reason, we have options suited for your budget and specifications.

    Our package boiler rental inventory includes:

    • Steam boilers: We have a wide selection of package steam boilers for rent, including systems fired by oil, natural gas, steam, electricity and gas/propane combinations.
    • Hot water boilers: Our powerful hot water boilers for rent include a 6.7 MMBTU skid-mounted boiler, a 4.8 MMBTU trailer-mounted boiler and other systems all fired by natural gas.
    • Thermal fluid heaters: If you need a thermal fluid heater, we have many to choose from, with options providing up to 20 MMBTU of power and high fluid temperatures.

    The Benefits of Package Boiler Rentals

    Whether you are looking for a fire tube or water tube package boiler for rent, we have options that provide the horsepower and pressure you require. With delivery options available anytime and anywhere for facilities of various sizes and scopes, our package boiler rentals offer several excellent benefits you can take advantage of, including:

    • Safety: A package boiler rental from Smith Hughes is a safe and simple solution for increasing steam power at your facility when and where you need it. Our self-contained package steam boilers for rent are discreet, standalone units that require no additional support structures to operate, contributing to a smaller and safer footprint. With covered parts and secure entry points to prevent unauthorized access, your package steam boiler for rent will deliver the extra performance you need while keeping your employees safe and limiting your liability.
    • Productivity: A rental boiler is an ideal solution for maintaining your regular productivity while your installed boilers are down for repairs or scheduled maintenance. Whether you have maintenance on the schedule or suddenly face an unexpected repair, renting a package steam boiler will help you resume operations until your equipment is back online. When it is time to switch back to your system, our rental boilers have streamlined attachment systems to enable fast transitions for a minimal impact on your processes.
    • Simplicity: As one of the top package boiler suppliers in the country, we provide complete maintenance services for your package boiler rental for the entire duration of your agreement. With support from our expert field technicians, you can keep your attention focused on your facility until you move back to your in-house system. If your rental goes down for any reason, we provide a 24/7 field response to perform professional repairs. If necessary, we will expedite a replacement unit to your location.

    Why Partner With Smith Hughes for a Package Boiler Rental?

    Smith Hughes is your trusted package boiler rental source to keep your business moving at full speed. Since 1946, we have served the industrial and commercial sectors from our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our experts provide turnkey solutions for your facility with a large fleet of diverse package boilers available for rent that you can use to overcome any challenge. Our trained technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year for delivery, installation and start-up service for any of our systems.

    When you rent from us, you can keep your system for as long as you need it. We offer affordable short- and long-term lease package boiler rental agreements to accommodate any scenario. Our customer service is second-to-none, and our representatives have the skill and expertise to help you find a rental that offers the power you need in a configuration compatible with your facility. If your staff requires proper training to operate our systems, we can provide instruction to ensure the safe and continuous operation of your boiler rental.

    Get a Quote for an Emergency or Longterm Package Boiler Rental Today

    At Smith Hughes, we specialize in package boilers, and we have the knowledge and resources to provide you with the equipment you need to keep operating. We make it easy to find a package rental boiler with the power and performance you require with a large selection and expert assistance during each step of the rental process. With on-call support from our factory-trained and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified technicians, you can trust your rental will be in good care throughout your agreement. As one of the top package boiler suppliers nationwide, we also offer an extensive selection of new package boilers and boiler room equipment for sale. To learn more about our products and services, or to get a quote for a package boiler rental, please contact us today or call 513-273-4436 for more information on equipment sizes that are not listed.

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