RT-5MA 5 MMBTU Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

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About the RT-5MA Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

45’ Enclosed Semi-trailer

225 psig @ 750°F

45’ Trailer enclosed 5 MMBTU Thermal Fluid Heater unit is designed to be placed in service at customer specified location with minimal on-site work.

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Key Features of The RT-5MA Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

Rental Thermal Fluid Heater Package Includes:

  • 5 MMBTU Gas-Fired Thermal Fluid Heater
  • 45’ Enclosed semi-trailer
  • Design Maximum: 225 psig @ 750 deg F
  • Controls: Low combustion air switch
  • Flame safeguard control
  • Low fluid flow switch
  • Coil temperature limit switch
  • Automatic time delay cycle
  • Main Power 480v/3ph 50Amp
  • Fuel Consumption: Gas 6,250 scfh
  • 8 to 1 turndown

RT-5MA Gas-Fired Thermal Fluid Heater

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Pump Inlet: 3” 300# Flange

Heater Outlet: 4” 300# Flange

Main Gas Supply: 2-1/2” NPT

Fuel Oil Supply: 3/4” NPT

Fuel Oil Return: 1/2″” NPT

Atomizing Air: 3/8” NPT

Safety Valve Outlet: 1-1/4” 300# flange

480v Three Phase – 30 AMP

  • Natural gas: 6,250 SCFH @ 2 psig
  • No. 2 Fuel Oil: 43.8 gal/hr

RT-5MA Model Overview

If you’re looking for an emergency heater that’s quick to install and offers excellent energy efficiency, our 5 MMBTU Gas-Fired Thermal Fluid/Hot Oil Heater provides a convenient rental solution. This thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental package comes with a fluid capacity of 652 gallons, and it’s designed to provide support for a wide variety of industrial applications.

The 5 MMBTU heater has a fast, hassle-free installation process. This means we can integrate the rental heater into your daily operations without requiring any lengthy on-site labor. Complete with safe and easy-to-use controls such as a low combustion air switch,  low fluid flow switch, flame safeguard control, automatic time delay cooling cycle and coil temperature limit switch, this product will help your processes stay on schedule.

Benefits of 5 MMBTU RT-5MA Thermal Fluid Heaters

The 5 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental operates on 6,250 SCFH of natural gas at 2 PSIG and 43.8 gal/hr of No. 2 fuel oil. It offers a turndown ratio of 8:1, which allows it to modulate to 12.5% of full-fire before it turns off. This turndown ratio helps the machine deliver better efficiency in demanding applications. The product also operates on three-phase electric power, which makes this heater a high-performing, cost-effective rental option for industrial leaders who need a quick way to minimize downtime after an equipment failure.

Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Smith Hughes, we provide thermal fluid/hot oil heaters of all sizes and levels of output to ensure you receive the product that will suit the needs of your facility. In a pinch, our 5 MMBTU heater can handle almost any on-site application without disrupting a normal workspace.

This thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental delivers a design maximum of 225 PSIG at 750 degrees Fahrenheit, which is one of the highest pressure and temperature combinations provided by any of our units. At 5 MMBTU, our RT-5MA model provides high energy content while requiring only 480v three-phase electric power. This translates to a high level of performance and productivity in the workplace.

Our team members are available 24/7 to meet your thermal fluid/hot oil heater demands. When you reach out to us in need of a 5 MMBTU heater rental, we’ll deliver your product in a 45-foot enclosed trailer and place it in the location of your choice. If needed, we also provide installation, setup and training services for operators of our rental thermal fluid heaters.

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In emergencies, many industrial facilities in Cincinnati and nationwide rely on Smith Hughes rental boilers and heaters for exceptional efficiency and performance. If you need a 5 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental now, we’re prepared to deliver right away.

We provide steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal fluid/hot oil heaters and more to a wide range of industries. Our company has more than 70 years of experience working with boiler systems, so contact us online for a quote today!

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