The HI-R-TEMP ® line of Packaged Thermal Fluid Heaters

Forced circulation watertube design

300° to 750° processed heat

400,000 to 20,000,000 BTU/Hr


Key Features of The Hi-R Temp Thermal Fluid Heater

High quality, general purpose process heat for Industrial or Marine Applications

The HI-R-Temp is a forced circulation type liquid phase heater in which fluid circulates through a set of coils. The pump is sized to optimize motor horsepower and maintain the fluid properties. Combustion fuel and air are controlled in response to fluid outlet temperature.

This assures the output temperature of the heater is held steady. The small volume and high fluid velocity allow the HI-R-Temp to respond quickly to changing system output requirements.


  • Full Output in 5 Minutes
  • Closed Loop System
  • Compact Design
  • High Temperature at Low Pressure
  • From: 400,000 - 20,000,000 BTU/HR
  • Temperature to 750° F


  • Rapid startup - from cold start.
  • Minimal soot problems -separate combustion zone prevents coating coils with partially burned fuels.
  • Low fuel requirements -air preheating and combustion zone for complete combustion.
  • Quick response to load changes.
  • Complete line -thirteen sizes to permit proper selection for any application.
  • Long life with minimum maintenance -coils designed for pressure of 1000 psi result in thicker coils for longer life.
  • Optimal efficiency at any load -full modulation of air and fuel. (On-off controls also available where applicable.)
  • Easy access to burners -end mounted burner is simple to maintain.
  • Low cost coil replacement -multiple coil design permits replacement of only the damaged coil.
  • Minimum cycling -turndown ratios of up to 10 to 1 for handling wide range of loads.
  • Minimum prepurge energy loss -smaller size allows proper prepurge in seconds.
  • Simplified fuel switching-only a turn of a switch is required-no burner changer needed.
  • Low installation costs -only 40 to 60% of the floor space of typical units is required.
  • Easy installation -skid mounted design includes control console.
  • Maximum safety- all safety features included.

Marine Design

Vapor offers a specialized version of this heater for the marine environment. If interested in the marine design please contact our office for the applicable supplemental literature.


An integral control panel contains all controls and indicators necessary for the safe operation of the unit. A programmed operating sequence is also incorporated for simplified startup.

Customized Systems

Vapor Power can provide a variety of skid arrangements including mounting the heater, circulating pump,and expansion tank on a common skid with interconnecting piping,valves, strainer, etc. for a complete package.

Built to Meet Standards

Every unit is built to ASME Standards, Hartford inspected and National Board registered. Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping, Factory Mutual, Industrial Risk Insurers, Lloyds and other approvals are also available upon request.

Factory Tested

All units are fire tsted at the factory, with their individual controls to assure proper operation and allow for control adjustments which avoid installation delays.


Hi-R Temp® Thermal Fluid Heater
Operating Concept

The HI-A-TEMP thermal fluid heater is a forced circulation water tube design in which thermal fluid under pressure circulates through a set of nested, parallel connected coils while forced draft combustion gases travel across the coils.The hot gases envelope the entire tube surface making maximum use of both radiant and convective heat to achieve very high heat transfer rates.

A recirculating pump is selected to give the proper flow rate and pressures for each application to optimize motor horse power required while maintaining low film temperatures to ensure long fluid life.

Temperature controls monitor the output temperature and regulates the supply of fuel and air to the burner and provides efficient combustion over the complete modulating range of the heater.High efficiency is maintained, without thermalshock, over the full operating range,not only at high fire.

The high velocity flow and small fluid volume in the unit result in immediate response to load changes.

The built in safeguards which monitor the flame and other safety interlocks assure maximum operational safety of the heater.

HI-R-Temp Thermal Fluid Heater Diagram 2