Complete solutions in the combustion control industry.

Combustion control gas shut off valves (valve bodies and gas actuators), oil shut off valves, burner management components, touchscreen and more.

Combustion controls

Siemens IndustrialCombustion Control Solutions

Safe, Simple, Effective.

Siemens, the worldwide leader in combustion controls, delivers globally approved products specifically designed to optimize process performance, minimize costs, simplify installation, and above all ensure safe operation. From stand-alone controls and end devices to total combustion control solutions, depend on the Siemens reputation for safety, quality, and performance.

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      Freight, installation (hook-up), start-up and operator training are available through Smith Hughes upon request.

      SKP actuators and VG Valve Bodies

      Faster installation, safer operation and proven reliability

      Siemens SKP actuators combine with Siemens VG valve bodies to provide gas safety shutoff, pressure regulation and air/gas ratio control. Easy to assemble and install, Siemens gas valves offer outstanding performance in a compact package.

      industrial actuator skp55

      SKP55 Actuator

      • On/off/ratio control
      • Double diaphragm ratio regulator
      • Compensates for variance in combustion chamber pressure
      • Ideal for applications with preheated combustion air

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      industrial actuator skp15

      SKP15 Actuator

      • Safety shutoff operation
      • Proof-of-Closure (POC) switch to ensure safety
      • Modular design and quick connect wire terminals
      • Extremely low 13.5 VA power consumption
      • Power on indication LED
      • Visual position indication (VPI)

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      industrial actuator skp25

      SKP25 Actuator

      • All of the SKP15 features plus…
      • Pressure regulation to 20 PSI
      • Accurate pressure control with zero droop
      • Applicable as a 1:1 ratio regulator or zero governor

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      vg valve bodies

      VG Valve Bodies

      • ½” – 3” threaded single valves
      • 1” – 3” threaded double valves
      • 2½” – 6” flanged double valves
      • 1½” – 6” bio gas double valves