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Boiler rooms are essential components of industrial and commercial facilities. From factories to power plants, Smith Hughes is proud to serve a wide variety of customers with boiler room solutions that we can customize to fit unique needs.

When you need a mobile boiler solution for long-term or permanent use, purchasing a mobile boiler room may be the answer. That’s why we’ve developed custom mobile boiler rooms for sale that can meet your exact requirements. We’re one of the few companies in the U.S. that offer custom mobile boiler rooms for purchase direct to industrial customers. Plus, all of our mobile boiler rooms are easy to configure with existing boiler systems.

Our customizable mobile boiler products include steam boilers, hot water boilers and even thermal fluid or hot oil heaters. If you’re looking for a transportable solution to permanently enhance your facility’s boiler system, browse our mobile boiler room information below.

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What Is a Mobile Boiler Room?

A mobile boiler room is a fully functional, self-contained steam, hot water, or thermal fluid or hot oil unit housed within a trailer or other moveable compartment. Commonly referred to as a containerized industrial boiler, a mobile boiler room performs the same functions as a facility’s built-in boiler system with the benefit of moving between facilities as often as needed.

Mobile boiler rooms are extremely popular for facilities that require additional boiler capacity on short notice. However, emergencies cover only a small part of what mobile boilers can do for businesses — their portability offers a wide range of benefits.

Additionally, mobile boiler rooms for sale at Smith Hughes are customizable to your facility’s exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive containerized boiler solution with only basic features or a boiler room with advanced characteristics, we can accommodate your requirements.

Benefits of Purchasing a Mobile Boiler Room

Buying your own mobile boiler room comes with a significant number of benefits for your facility — whether you rely on the power of a hot water boiler, steam boiler or thermal heater system.

Some major benefits of our containerized boiler rooms for sale include:

  • Customizable with hundreds of features and configurations to choose from
  • Options with the same operating capacity as traditional indoor boiler rooms
  • Ability to transport mobile boiler rooms between locations and quickly install them once they reach the new site
  • Additional convenience of owning a transportable, self-contained boiler room that can support any of your facilities
  • Ease of operation with a design centered around the needs of your boiler room operators
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-certified solutions that keep your operators and facility safe

Mobile boiler room configurations offer the same essential functions as our standard in-house boiler rooms with the bonus of a transportable setup. Mobile boiler units are also highly adaptable to your facility’s specifications and can be installed — and removed — quickly.

Containerized Boiler Room Applications

You can use mobile, or “containerized” boiler rooms for an extensive variety of applications. Our custom boiler rooms for sale can adapt to almost any industrial or commercial facility’s needs because of their portable features. Use your custom-built mobile boiler room as the main operation area for your building or as an add-on for extra capacity.

Our ISO boiler rooms for sale are incredibly versatile units that you can use for many applications. The most common include:

  • Providing a heating source for industrial or commercial  buildings that can be configured quickly.
  • Offering emergency boiler capacity for any facility experiencing internal boiler room problems or increased energy demands.
  • Supporting building operators with user-friendly and easy-to-access mechanical setups.
  • Offering a customizable option for industrial or commercial facilities with unique specifications.

Our containerized boiler rooms provide a tailored solution for your building’s unique technical specifications and needs. Unlike renting a mobile boiler room, purchasing your own portable boiler enables you to request a custom configuration. Add as many features as you want — Smith Hughes can accommodate your production demands.

Customizable Mobile Boiler Layout Options

Buying a mobile boiler room offers incredible advantages for facilities in any industry. When you purchase your own custom boiler room from Smith Hughes, you can take advantage of our comprehensive personalization options. From constructing unique boiler room layouts to optimizing combustion controls for ease of use, our custom portable boiler room options can provide significant benefits over a boiler room rental.

With a custom boiler, you get to take advantage of the features you want. You’ll receive a complete, turnkey product that requires minimal installation time and help from a company on your side. Our skilled team at Smith Hughes boasts over 75 years of experience in assisting customers like you with boiler room design, installation, maintenance and repair. You can count on around-the-clock support for your new containerized industrial boilers.

Whatever boiler room layout you choose, we can meet your needs both in our shop and on-site. Here’s how you can make your ISO boiler room your own with our various options:

  • Select from three primary boiler types — steam boilers, hot water boilers and thermal fluid heaters.
  • Add as few or as many additional features to your mobile boiler room as you like, including blowdown equipment, combustion controls, deaerators, feed tanks, air separators, expansion tanks, pumps, and water treatment systems.
  • We offer layout customization options for any type of portable boiler room for sale. Selecting the right layout for your mobile boiler room is critical for operator safety and adherence to your industry’s safety requirements.
  • All of our containerized boiler rooms for sale are turnkey products, meaning they’re fully operational upon installation. The specific installation timeframe depends on your specifications, but you can complete most installations fast.
  • We offer skid-mounted boilers, ISO container boilers, truck trailer boilers and other options.

Our different mobile boiler types feature natural gas, #2 fuel- oil and propane powered systems with preconfigured electrical wiring. Other basic features include interior lighting, gas pressure regulators, operating instructions and exhaust stacks. Reach out to our team if you have any questions about adding or changing features in your custom boiler room.

Our Custom Boiler Rooms for Sale

Every customer’s requirements are unique, which is why we strive to provide a variety of top-quality mobile boiler solutions that meet your demands. No matter your pressure and horsepower requirements, Smith Hughes can provide you with the custom solution you need to meet your facility’s boiler specifications while promoting safety.

Take a look at the boiler types we can use for our customized mobile boiler room offerings:

Steam Boilers

At Smith Hughes, our available steam boilers include natural gas #2 fuel oil and propane fired boilers. All of our steam boiler options feature piping and wiring already interconnected with the ISO trailer. However, you choose the specific mobile steam boiler layout when you opt for our custom build package.

Our mission is to go beyond the status quo of customer service and technical expertise. Our skilled team can design, build and install your mobile steam boiler room according to your facility’s exact specifications. Plus, our steam boiler room offerings provide a safe, dependable power solution that you can keep at one facility or transport between multiple facilities on an as-needed basis.

Wherever your boiler needs to go, we offer mobile solutions to accommodate your needs.

Hot Water Boilers

Smith Hughes offers various hot water boiler room options for industrial and commercial facility applications. We can provide you with ISO trailer-mounted hot water boiler solutions for your facility’s unique needs. Select from a wide range of containerized hot water boiler options that we can tailor according to your layout specifications.

Our hot water boiler options are available in easily configurable mobile units that can serve as your facility’s permanent or standby boiler room for peak production times. Purchasing your hot water boiler from Smith Hughes is a smart option when you need long-term access to a mobile boiler setup.

Keep your facility fully operational at all times with the power of a mobile hot water boiler system. With our products, you can always be ready for sudden increases in hot water demand.

Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal fluid heaters are important components of an industrial heating system. At Smith Hughes, we offer the power and convenience of complete thermal fluid heating systems in a self-contained, mobile package. Whether you’re looking for a permanent thermal heating solution or simply want a backup unit on hand in case of emergencies, we offer a variety of mobile thermal fluid heaters for sale. We carry thermal containerized mobile heater products that run on natural gas, #2 fuel oil and propane, a reliable solution for continuous thermal heating.

Talk to our team about designing a thermal heating system that meets your needs and can be installed wherever you need it — in a fast turnaround time.

What’s Included in Your Custom Boiler Package?

Excellent customer support doesn’t end when you buy one of our containerized industrial boiler rooms for sale. At Smith Hughes, we prioritize our customers’ experiences, providing expert installation and startup services, emergency repairs and ongoing troubleshooting and customer support.

With every containerized boiler room purchase you make for your facility, you can take advantage of the following services we offer:

Easy Shipping and Installation

When you order your custom portable boiler room for sale from us, we ship your unit promptly and with the utmost care. Our boiler rooms are available for shipping to any location within the U.S. and multiple international locations.

Our mobile boiler rooms are ready to use once they reach your facility. Already custom designed to match your facility’s mechanical requirements, our boiler rooms are simple to install and start. We also offer expert installation services for steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters and hot water boilers in mobile containers.

Startup Service/Commissioning/Operator Training

In our complete mobile boiler packages, we include boiler system startup, commissioning and operator training services after shipping and installation. Startup service refers to the process of ensuring that your new boiler system functions properly and is ready for use. This includes all applicable tests to make sure that your custom boiler setup can safely and efficiently fulfill its function. Commissioning your boiler system is the process by which the new boiler equipment is integrated into your existing system and process.

Once startup and commissioning are compete, we will provide operator training to the key personnel who are responsible for the operation and care of the new equipment.

Emergency Boiler Room Services

If your mobile boiler room ever experiences a problem, we offer fast, dependable emergency services to customers across the country. Even in the most advanced boiler room systems, breakdowns, malfunctioning valves and other problems require immediate attention.

With over seven decades of experience repairing boiler systems, our team at Smith Hughes can tackle any emergency boiler problem you face. When boiler issues strike, we can come to your location — any time of day or night. A properly functioning boiler is crucial for your facility’s operations and employees’ safety, so call us as soon as you notice a problem.

Ongoing Customer Support

Even if your mobile boiler room concerns don’t qualify as an emergency, you can still reach out to our friendly customer service team. From maintenance concerns to real-time troubleshooting, we provide our portable boiler room customers with ongoing support long after installing their systems.

Whether you need water softening services, boiler operation training, code welding, preventive maintenance or parts replacement, we can accommodate your facility’s needs. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers all over the globe, thanks to our commitment to helping them get the most out of their boiler products.

Contact Smith Hughes for Mobile Boiler Rooms for Sale

If you’re looking for a long-term boiler solution for your industrial facility, consider purchasing a mobile boiler room from Smith Hughes, a trusted industry name in customizable thermal heaters, steam boilers and hot water boilers. Contact us for specifics regarding lead time, as this varies based on your location and mobile boiler room specifications.

For more information on how we can create a custom boiler room for your facility, contact us online or call us at 1-888-956-SHCO today.

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