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When boilers malfunction or undergo repairs, that downtime can be costly for a company in any industry. However, these delays have even bigger risks for hospitals. Your hospital’s boiler room controls life-sustaining functions for patients, staff and visitors.

Deciding whether to rent a boiler or buy a new one depends on a variety of factors. Renting a boiler unit helps prevent downtime from causing major complications. If you need to replace your facility’s old boiler, buy a model with a modern design that caters to your hospital’s needs.

Boiler rooms in hospitals have an extensive list of potential uses, and the best unit for your system depends on an array of factors.

Industrial Boilers in a Health Care Facility

Hospitals use a massive amount of hot water and steam. Plus, laundry and kitchen facilities need a reliable boiler for basic functions. Three other applications for boiler equipment in a hospital include:

  1. Heating. Health care facilities use boilers as a cost-effective way to build heat. Since hospitals are large buildings with multiple floors and hundreds of individual rooms, running a boiler to keep every space comfortable is more efficient than other heating methods.
  2. Humidification. Maintaining the right humidity level is essential to prevent bacteria and mold growth. Each hospital’s needs determine their optimal humidity level, especially facilities with specialized patient services. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires hospitals to maintain a humidity level between 30-60%.
  3. Sterilization. To make sure they’re free of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, medical devices must get sterilized before each use. Steam from your facility’s boiler can be a safer cleansing agent than harsh chemicals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boiler for Your Hospital

When renting or buying a new boiler, you need to have the right information to choose the appropriate model for your facility. At Smith Hughes, we want to help you find the boiler that meets your needs. Here are five factors to consider when choosing a new system for your hospital boiler house.

1. Budget

Before you choose your facility’s new boiler, think about your budget. Boiler systems can have a high initial cost, but over time, reliable and highly efficient models save time and resources with lower energy costs and fewer repairs. Frequent preventive maintenance also offsets the unit’s initial price.

2. Size

Your hospital’s old boiler may be an improper size or unable to efficiently meet your needs. Consider steam pressure and quality, volume and your facility’s average boiler loads. Choose a system that fits those needs, including small units that can tackle basic functions during low-volume periods when larger units waste energy.

3. Applications

What does your hospital use its boiler for? As more health care entities outsource sterilization services, a hospital boiler system’s role changes. If a third party does laundry or performs other services that save your boiler large amounts of water, you may need to downsize.

4. Emissions Standards

Boilers last 30 years on average. Older models are less efficient, and they produce harmful emissions that may warrant a system replacement. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues amendments to the 1963 Clean Air Act that apply to boilers to limit pollution. Upgrading your boiler helps your hospital stay in compliance with those new regulations.

5. Renting vs. Buying

Whether you rent or buy a new system for your hospital boiler room, knowing your options is key to making the best decision. You should buy a new boiler to replace an old system. Rentals are appropriate for emergencies and long- or short-term downtime caused by repairs or equipment replacement.

Hospital Boiler Rentals

Renting a boiler is a great solution to prevent major complications during emergencies. Fluctuating temperature and humidity levels, plus the inability to sterilize contaminated objects, put your patients and staff at risk. Without a replacement, a malfunctioning boiler can shut your hospital down until a professional can diagnose and fix the problem. When your boiler system undergoes maintenance, needs repairs or has an emergency, rent a model that can restore your facility’s routine operations as soon as possible.

Sudden surges in boiler use are another motivation for renting an extra unit. If patients fill your hospital’s beds, your boiler room will do more work than usual as the kitchen staff will use more water and steam, the laundry room will wash more and the staff will run more medical instruments through autoclaves or other technology.

Smith Hughes has a comprehensive selection of reliable boilers to fit your needs. Our rental systems are in great condition, and we pride ourselves on getting you the boiler you need quickly so your health care facility can resume normal operations as fast as possible. Get the most uptime out of your hospital boiler rental with fast, knowledgeable service from our team.

Buying a Boiler for Your Facility

If you’re replacing a boiler or permanently adding an extra unit to your system, buying a new boiler outright is your best option. The same considerations for renting a unit apply to purchasing one, especially since you’ll use your new system for decades.

Distributors discourage potential buyers from renting a boiler unit to test it out before making their purchase. Doing so adds an unnecessary step to the process and creates another expense. Instead, connect with a reputable distributor for their guidance on choosing a model.

Contact Smith Hughes for Your Hospital Boiler Needs

At Smith Hughes, we’re the only company in Cincinnati, OH, with the ability to provide turnkey packages to our clients. We rent, sell, install and service boilers for industrial and commercial use throughout the country. With more than 75 years of experience, we offer products and services with unmatched quality and value.

Enjoy the convenience and expertise of working with us. We’re proud to serve our clients whenever they call. Take advantage of our 24/7/365 service when your hospital boiler room needs maintenance or repairs.

When the boiler room in your hospital experiences issues, contact Smith Hughes for more information about our hospital boiler systems for rent and other services. Fill out our online form or call our 24-hour hotline at 1-888-956-SHCO.

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