Boiler Refractory Repair

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Boiler Refractory Repair

Refractory lining is essential for preventing thermal loss in high-heat environments, such as boilers. Damaged refractory may lead to a total boiler shutdown, hindering your day-to-day operations. It’s best to monitor refractory issues and schedule repairs as soon as possible to prevent more severe damage that may leave your boiler out of action. At Smith Hughes, we offer boiler refractory services to keep your boiler in tip-top shape.

Signs of Refractory Failure

Boiler refractory endures chemical exposure, high pressure and extreme temperatures. Although refractory lining is highly durable, these extreme conditions cause abrasion and wear and tear after a while, leading to cracks. Another reason refractory may fail is due to incorrect material. If the material is not suitable for the boiler’s application, the refractory will deteriorate sooner.

It’s vital to call for refractory repairs if you notice signs of failure, such as:

  • Combustion air leaks in the boiler.
  • Broken or fractured refractory tiles.
  • Challenges opening and closing the doors.
  • Hot spots around the shell of the boiler’s burner area.
  • Burnt paint on specific areas.

Some cracks are not detrimental to the overall integrity of the lining. These harmless cracks are small and close up as the lining expands when it heats up. However, if the fractures are large and do not change when the lining expands, it’s better to call for refractory repairs. If you leave these cracks unchecked, they may cause recesses and voids that decrease the boiler’s performance.

Our Refractory Repair Services

One of the best ways to handle refractory failure is to call for repairs at the first signs of damage. At Smith Hughes, we specialize in all boiler-related repairs and maintenance tasks. We will clean the area of the refractory to remove debris and apply a new compound to seal any cracks or recesses. Our skilled technicians will restore the refractory and ensure it can withstand intense heat and pressure. If the refractory is beyond repair, we can replace the refractory brick or re-pour the damaged section as needed.

Our turnkey boiler services encompass the installation and start-up, leaving you with a fully functional boiler.

Why Partner With Smith Hughes?

Smith Hughes is a family-owned business with a team of factory-trained technicians who value and respect each customer. There is a long list of reasons to work with us, such as the following:

  • We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and high-quality boiler solutions.
  • Our technicians offer 24/7/365 support for emergency refractory repairs and replacements.
  • We serve customers nationwide.
  • Our services encompass every element of a steam or hot water boiler or thermal fluid/hot oil heater from the whole system to the smallest components.
  • We will help you keep your boiler refractory in pristine condition with our boiler maintenance services.

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