RT-200B 200HP, 600PSI Steam Rental Boiler

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About the RT-200B Steam Rental Boiler Package

600 PSIG
Natural Gas
No. 2 Fuel Oil Fired

Complete mobile boiler room is designed to be placed in service at customer specified location with minimal on-site work.

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Key Features of The RT-200B Steam Rental Boiler

Rental Boiler Package Includes:

  • 36’ Enclosed semi-trailer
  • (1) 200HP Vapor Power steam boiler
    • 600 PSI Design pressure
    • 540 PSI max operating pressure
    • 6,900 pph from and at 212°F
    • Natural Gas, No. 2 fuel oil fired
  • (1) Deaerator feed water system with duplex pumps
  • (1) Duplex water softening system
  • (1) Blowdown tank with cooling valve
  • (2) Chemical metering pumps with chemical injection quills
  • Gas Pressure Regulator
  • Exhaust Stack (shipped loose)
  • Interior Lighting
  • Operating Instructions
  • All electric and piping interconnected within trailer

RT-200B Rental Boiler Package

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Natural gas: 3” 150# FLG (1psig required to regulator)

No. 2 Fuel Oil: ½” NPT

Feedwater: 1.5” NPT

Steam: 3” 600# FLG

Condensate Return: 2” 600# FLG

460v, 3ph, 60hz, 100Amp

Natural gas: 8,810 CFH, 10 PSIG Max

No. 2 fuel oil: 60 GPH

25,000 #s

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