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About the RT-6.7HWA Hot Water Rental Boiler Package

Hot Water Boiler
Natural Gas-Fired

48’ Single Drop Trailer Mounted 200HP, 6.7 MMBTU Superior Hot Water Boiler with pump skid to be placed in service at customer specified location with minimal on-site work.

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Key Features of The RT-6.7HWA Rental Hot Water Boiler

Hot Water Boiler Rental Package Includes:

  • Design Psi: 125 psi
  • Design Temp: 250° F
  • Input: 8369 MBTU/HR
  • Output: 6695 MBTU/HR

RT-6.7HWA 200HP 6.7MMBTU Hot Water Boiler

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Supply: 6” 150# Flange

Return: 6” 150# Flange

Main Gas Supply: 2” NPT

N.O. Vent Valve: 1” NPT

Safety Valve Outlet: 2”NPT

Drain: 2” NPT

Stack: 20”

480/3/60 – 10AMPS

Natural gas: 6,250 SCFH @ 2 psig (Regulator 0-10)

  • 195” L x 90” W x 105” H
  • Shipping Weight: 20,100 lbs, Ships Loose

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6.7 MMBTU Hot Water Boiler Rental Package

When you need hot water on demand, the Smith Hughes RT-6.7HWA boiler rental package has got you covered. Running on eco-friendly natural gas or propane, this 6.7 MMBTU boiler will arrive with a pump skid on a 48-foot drop trailer, ready to work as soon as it stops rolling. With a corrugated furnace and easy-access doors, this boiler is the perfect balance of power and user-friendliness.

Keeping up with industrial hot water demands can be a challenge under the best circumstances. When a boiler goes down for maintenance, everything else comes down with it if you’re not prepared. Smith Hughes Company offers boiler rentals across the U.S. to ensure your business keeps moving. Our 24-hour emergency line is open every day of the year.

Since 1946, Smith Hughes has been providing boiler sales, rental and service across the country. With our trained technicians, huge parts inventory and impressive collection of rental boilers, Smith Hughes guarantees the turnkey service you need to minimize downtime and keep hot water pumping through your business.

Built with a large furnace and rear turnaround volume for complete combustion, the 200-horsepower RT-6.7HWA rental hot water boiler is ready to work in any environment. This model is highly efficient and extremely durable.


Mounted on a 48-foot single drop trailer, this rental hot water boiler with pump skid is ready to work wherever you need it. Smith Hughes is happy to offer comprehensive service upon request, meaning we’ll take care of the freight, installation and startup. We can even send out one of our knowledgeable service technicians to train your operators.

The Superior RT-6.7HWA rental boiler comes with integrated handholes and a manway for easy inspection and cleaning.

Additional requirements and dimensions are given below.

Electrical Requirements:

  • 460/60/3 @ 10AMPS

Fuel Consumption:

  • Natural gas: 6,250 SCFH @ 2 psig (Regulator 0-10)

Connection Sizes:

  • Supply: 6” 150# Flange
  • Return: 6” 150# Flange
  • Main Gas Supply: 2” NPT
  • N.O. Vent Valve: 1” NPT
  • Safety Valve Outlet: 2” NPT
  • Drain: 2” NPT


  • 195” L x 90” W x 105” H
  • Shipping Weight: 20,100 lbs

Whether you need a new boiler system, want to upgrade an existing unit or need a rental boiler to handle additional demand, we’ll take care of you throughout the process. Smith Hughes is a third-generation family-owned company, and our dedication to our customers and our community is why we’re the number one choice for boiler service.

For a reliable hot water boiler with the power to keep up with your industry, contact us about the RT-6.7HWA rental package. We offer short and long-term rental agreements.

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