RT-8.5MA 8.5 MMBTU Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

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About the RT-8.5MA Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

36’ Enclosed Semi-trailer

225 psig @ 750°F

36’ Trailer enclosed 8.5 MMBTU Thermal Fluid Heater unit is designed to be placed in service at customer specified location with minimal on-site work.

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Key Features of The RT-8.5MA Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

Rental Thermal Fluid Heater Package Includes:

  • 8.5MBTU Vapor Power Thermal Fluid Heater
    • Fluid Capacity: 123 Gallons
    • Design Maximum: 225 psig @ 750 deg F
    • Turndown: 8 to 1
    • Controls:
      • Low Combustion Air Switch
      • Flame Safeguard Control
      • Low Fluid Flow Switch
      • Coil Temperature Limit Switch
      • Automatic Time Delay Cooling Cycle

RT-8.5MA Thermal Fluid Heater

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Pump Inlet: 4” 300# Flange

Heater Outlet: 4” 300# Flange

Main Gas Supply: 3” NPT

Fuel Oil Supply: 1” NPT

Fuel Oil Return: 3/4” NPT

Atomizing Air: 3/8” NPT

Safety Valve Outlet: 2” 300# flange

480v Three Phase – 30 AMP

  • Natural gas: 10,750 SCFH @ 2 psig
  • No. 2 Fuel Oil: 75.3 gal/hr

RT-8.5MA Hot Oil Heater Overview

This natural gas thermal fluid heater offers a 123-gallon fluid capacity, which is ideal for most industrial heating applications. When connected to your plant or facility, this 8.5 MMBTU industrial heater rental can supply the critical hot oil you need to ensure your operations continue with minimal interruption.

The 8.5 MMBTU rental heater unit is designed for easy installation and high performance. With a range of controls — including a low-combustion air switch, coil temperature limit switches and flame safeguard control — this hot oil heater rental will offer both safe and convenient heating and output.

Benefits of 8.5 MMBTU Rental Thermal Fluid Heaters

The 8.5 MMBTU thermal fluid heater from Smith Hughes is a powerful option that can provide a design maximum of 225 psig at a temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot oil heater also features a turndown ratio of 8:1, indicating a relatively high level of efficiency. Turndown is an expression of a fluid boiler’s maximum heat output compared to the minimum heat output it must operate at to work consistently.

An Industrial Heater Rental Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our 8.5 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental is designed to accommodate even the most challenging industrial demands for fluid heating. With high heat output, high capacity and high pressure output, this model can easily take over the workload from an on-site thermal fluid heater in an emergency. The turndown ratio of 8:1 means the heater can operate at a variety of output levels without needing to stop and start repeatedly.

This thermal fluid heater rental is trailer-enclosed, which means it will arrive inside a 36-foot, highway-legal trailer for your convenience. This “mobile boiler room” protects the 8.5 MMBTU hot oil heater rental from weather conditions, allowing you to hook up the heater on-site without taking up valuable space inside your facility.

The trailer-enclosed design also allows for easy positioning and set-up with minimal on-site labor. This ensures a streamlined installation process, which is essential for restoring productivity when responding to the breakdown of a permanent thermal fluid heater.

Learn more about the 8.5 MMBTU trailer-mounted oil heater or compare it to the other trailer-mounted and skid-mounted models available from Smith Hughes to find an option that will meet your requirements.

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Many industrial and commercial businesses rely on hot water, hot oil and steam to maintain high productivity and profitability. At Smith Hughes, we have the 8.5 MMBTU hot oil heater and a variety of other thermal fluid heaters available for rent in emergency situations.

If you need a reliable and high-performing thermal fluid heater rental in the Cincinnati tri-state area or anywhere else in the United States, Smith Hughes has a turnkey package to meet your needs. Our factory-trained technicians are prepared to respond to your service calls around the clock. To request a quote, contact us online today.

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