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Our Refurbished Boilers

We offer watertube boilers, firetube boilers  and hot oil heaters rebuilt by Smith Hughes’ experienced professionals.

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Save Money with a Refurbished Boiler

Smith Hughes rebuilds boilers, allowing you to purchase a fully functional boiler for a cost-efficient price. Buy refurbished watertube boilers, firetube boilers and hot oil heaters today.
We also have complete boiler room packages.

For more information about our current inventory, call us at 1-888-956-SHCO.


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Refurbished Boiler Sales at Smith Hughes

Failing boilers decline in efficiency and increase your operational costs due to frequent breakdowns. While a system replacement will solve this problem, refurbishing your existing unit helps you gain the maximum value from your boiler while saving money.

At Smith Hughes, we can restore an older or malfunctioning boiler to make it like new with our refurbished boiler services. We ensure that each boiler is in top condition and ready to perform reliably in your facility. We also purchase used boilers and rebuild their old parts as a cost-effective alternative to a new boiler.

Our Refurbishment Process

Our technicians use the same rebuilding techniques for all boilers, whether we are refurbishing your facility’s boiler or renovating a second-hand unit to sell. We can refurbish your boiler on-site for your convenience, or we can transport the boiler to our shop that’s equipped with the latest technology and tools for boiler maintenance.

Our trained technicians inspect and clean all the boiler parts, including wires, valves and pipes, and replace any that are too worn down. Our team will also check the control system and replace the entire system if needed. Finally, Smith Hughes technicians test fire the unit at our facility to ensure proper operation.

Our Refurbished Boiler Options

Smith Hughes refurbishes many kinds of boilers, so you can select the equipment that is compatible with your system. Our options include:

  • Firetube boilers
  • Watertube boilers
  • Hot oil heaters

The Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Boilers

Smith Hughes offers refurbished steam and hot water boilers and thermal fluid heaters that will meet your requirements and provide the output supply you need. You can enjoy the following benefits of a refurbished boiler:

  • Cost savings: Refurbished boilers match the reliability of a new system at a much lower price. Your company can get the new boiler you need and direct your budget to more essential parts of the business.
  • Immediate availability: A new boiler may not be available for up to six months. In contrast, a refurbished boiler from Smith Hughes has a much shorter lead time.
  • High quality: Each part of the refurbished boiler has been recently inspected or replaced by our technicians. As a result, it will perform at maximum efficiency for a long time.

Why Buy Refurbished Boilers for Sale at Smith Hughes?

With refurbished steam or hot water boilers or thermal fluid heaters from Smith Hughes, your facility can enjoy like-new equipment at a much lower cost. Our thorough refurbishment process ensures we identify and remedy all issues right away, so you can rely on your boiler for many years. We have installed and repaired commercial boilers since 1946 and have the expertise and training you need for all your boiler requirements.

Smith Hughes provides reliable refurbished boilers for commercial and industrial businesses in Cincinnati and nationwide. For more information about our refurbished boilers for sale, complete our contact form or call 1-888-956-SHCO.

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