RT-18MA 18 MMBTU Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

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About the RT-18MA Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

225 psig @ 750°F

Drop Trailer with 18 MMBTU Thermal Fluid Heater unit is designed to be placed in service at customer specified location with minimal on-site work.

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Key Features of The RT-18MA Rental Thermal Fluid Heater

Rental Thermal Fluid Heater Package Includes:

  • 18 MMBTU Output Vapor Power Thermal Fluid Heater
    • Design Maximum: 225 psig @ 750 deg F
    • Turndown: 8 to 1
    • Controls:
      • Low Combustion Air Switch
      • Flame Safeguard Control
      • Low Fluid Flow Switch
      • Coil Temperature Limit Switch
      • Automatic Time Delay Cooling Cycle

RT-18MA – 18MMBTU 

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Stack Outlet: 28” O.D.

Inlet: 6” 300# Flange

Outlet: 6” 300# Flange

Main Gas Supply: 3” NPT

Fuel Oil Supply: 1” NPT

Fuel Oil Return: 3/4” NPT

Atomizing Air: 3/8” NPT

Shipping Weight: 21,000 lbs

480v Three Phase – 30 AMP

  • Natural gas: 20,000 SCFH @ 2 psig
  • No. 2 Fuel Oil: 140 gal/hr

RT-18MA Model Overview

When you order an emergency 18 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental from Smith Hughes, you know your product will be fit for high-output, high-temperature applications. This heater provides the output, fuel efficiency necessary for the most demanding heat transfer applications.

Equipped with a turndown ratio of 8:1, the 18 MMBTU heater helps protect the work rate of normal operations at your facility. This rental also provides a design maximum of 225 PSIG at 750 degrees Fahrenheit while operating at 480v of three-phase electrical power. The shipping weight of the product is 33,000 pounds.

Benefits of 18 MMBTU Rental Thermal Fluid/Hot Oil Heaters

The advantage of working with the 18 MMBTU rental is that it is designed for convenience and seamless integration. This thermal fluid/hot oil rental package comes with several switches and controls — a low fluid flow switch, coil temperature limit switch, flame safeguard control, low combustion air switch and automatic time delay cooling cycle — to maximize safety and flexibility. The 18 MMBTU model is also made to provide accessible connections and take up as little space as possible at your facility.

Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

The 18 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental is designed to meet the requirements of major industrial applications. With an output of up to 225 PSIG at 750 degrees, this product can handle most pressure and heating demands. The heater also offers efficient fuel consumption, requiring 22,500 SCFH of natural gas at 2 PSIG or 158 gal/hr of No. 2 fuel oil.

Our 18 MMBTU rental is one of the highest-output thermal fluid/hot oil heaters we offer at Smith Hughes, and it ensures the smooth performance of most major transfer applications.

When you order an 18 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater, we’ll simplify the process with shipping, installation, setup and optional training services. Your product will arrive on a drop trailer, which we’ll place in the location you specify for your convenience. This allows you to take full advantage of the heater’s functions and features without experiencing additional disruptions or setbacks.

Emergency situations require fast and easy-to-manage solutions, so we’ll deliver your 18 MMBTU heater right away. If you’re looking for a particular product, feel free to browse our selection of thermal fluid heater rentals to check specifications.

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Smith Hughes delivers steam and thermal fluid/hot oil rentals to industrial facilities across Cincinnati, OH, and the United States. We offer the whole turnkey package, including all the equipment, installation and training you’ll need to operate at full capacity.

Our goal is to make the rental process for every 18 MMBTU thermal fluid/hot oil heater rental as fast and simple as possible. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer expertise and support, so contact us online today to request a quote or learn more about our products.

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