Our Ohio Special Boilers

A New Breed of OHIO SPECIALS Up to 600BHP

1 Boiler Instead of 3!

Ohio Specials Boiler

OHIO SPECIALSBoiler savings

You can now install a single 600 BHP Circulatic instead of three 200 BHP units, making Vapor Power the most compact and least expensive packaged boiler on the market.

Vapor Power re-introduces its line of forced circulation coil tube boilers, all of which can be installed without the requirement of a licensed operator in the State of Ohio.


Ohio Special Boiler Room Mobile RentalCIRCULATIC Boilers

Vapor Power's recirculating flow unit is available in sizes from 75 BHP to 600 BHP and design pressures from 15 psig to 530 psig.


Vapor Power's once through flow unit is available in sizes from 18 BHP to 300 BHP and design pressures from 15 psig to 3100 psig.


The Vapor Power design is proven technology. Our newest equipment continues to provide the same user benefits you can rely on:

  • Fast startup - Vapor Power units can go from cold start to full output in five minutes.
  • Compact footprint, easy installation - Vapor Power units typically have a 40-60% footprint advantage over conventional equipment and they are significantly lighter too.
  • Full modulation/quick response to load changes - Vapor Power units are fully modulating and can go from low fire to high fire in approximately 15 seconds.
  • High turndown ratios - Turndown ratios to 10: 1.
  • Safe operation - Coil design pressures of 1000 psig minimum and low water content eliminates explosion potential.


Vapor Power Circulatics and Modulatics are designed and built at our state of the art facility in Niles, IL. This modern manufacturing facility utilizes the latest in production technology to assure the highest quality product for our customers.


Vapor has been providing high quality steam since 1903 and with thousands of operating units, Vapor stands ready to assist with any specific application. Computer simulation of process systems and heat loss analysis are available to ensure the proper system for your application.