What are Steam Trap Surveys?

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Steam traps perform the essential function of removing condensate and other non-condensable gases from steam systems while preventing the escape of live steam. They enable the steam to reach its destination.

Various types of steam traps are available. Matching the device with the applications and their specific pressure requirements typically yields the best results.

What Is a Steam Trap Survey?
A steam trap survey is essential for maintaining the steam system’s efficiency and safety. This process entails a comprehensive review of a facility’s steam system to check for various issues, including misapplied, leaky, failing or oversized units. Examples of tools used during the survey include:

Infrared thermometers: These instruments enable the measurement of the temperature of the steam, condensate and other essential system components.
Temperature monitoring devices: These tools detect temperature extremes in the steam or condensate that often indicate potential trap failures.
Ultrasonic leak detectors: This equipment can amplify abnormal sounds generated by the steam and condensate, enabling the device to “hear” blockages or leaks within the system.
What to Expect From a Steam Trap Survey?
A steam trap survey can include the following elements:

A comprehensive listing of every steam trap within the facility and its precise location
Testing of each trap to verify its compatibility with the application, its condition and performance
A written report containing the survey’s findings and recommendations
A detailed audit proposal and prospective costs for making any recommended changes
Reasons to Conduct a Trap Survey
A steam trap survey can provide numerous benefits for your business:

Energy savings: A leaking trap can expel a substantial amount of steam, resulting in an expensive waste of energy. A survey enables technicians to identify and recommend repairing or replacing faulty traps, enabling your company to save money.
Lower maintenance costs: Conducting timely surveys is a preventive step that enables you to uncover minor trap issues before they escalate into repair problems. Your company can experience reduced equipment upkeep and ownership costs.
Increased efficiency: The survey findings can confirm whether your traps are functioning optimally. It can target areas for improvements that lead to faster production rates, more consistent quality and better system performance.
Enhanced safety: Surveys are excellent for identifying mechanical issues and other malfunctions that can contribute to industrial accidents or fires. They will help you create a less hazardous work environment and reduce the injury risk in your facility.
Regulatory compliance: Steam systems must comply with an abundance of standards, rules and regulations. Timely trap surveys will ensure your equipment meets all the applicable guidelines, helping your company avoid costly fines and penalties.
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