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Series 200 Fire-tube Boiler

Offers compact design to accommodate specific local code operating limitations. Advances in heat transfer technology provides for greater performance characteristics within our two or three-pass dry and water-backed Scotch Marine configurations.

Series 300 Fire-tube Boiler

Vertical Tubeless Boiler package serves your process, light-commercial, and comfort heat requirements, all in a single space saving arrangement.

Series 400/500 Fire-tube Boiler

Our world-class three-pass dry and water-backed designs are the standard for packaged fire-tube boilers. The most versatile Scotch Marine Boiler on the market, rated at four (Series 400) or five (Series 500) SF/BHP.

Series HR Fire-tube Boiler

The Series HR Heat Recovery Steam generators utilize waste heat gasses to provide process steam for various applications.


Smith Hughes Industrial Boilers and Boiler RentalFire-tube Boiler
Series 200


Compact two and three pass, Scotch Marine design, dry and water backed designs.


Gas, LPG, #2 oil and combination.


  • 100-2,200 BHP
  • ASME Section I (150-300 PSIG Steam) and Section IV (15 PSIG steam and 160 PSIG/250° F hot water)

Ohio Special: Max. 359 SF-FSHS/200 BHP
New York Special: Max. 99 SF-FSHS/60 BHP
Detroit Special Max. 299 SF-FSHS/150 BHP


Processed steam, low pressure steam, hydronics, commercial, mobile, institutional, retrofit.

  • Advanced Integral Steam Separation.
  • Meets local code operating limitations.

Manufactured in accordance with applicable codes: FM, IRI, CSD-1,NFPA and UL equipped components.