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Smith Hughes specializes in package boilers, boiler rentals and boiler services for Ohio’s commercial and industrial applications. We service, rent and install hot water boilers, steam boilers and thermal fluid systems for various businesses — from utility plants to craft breweries and more.

We can also help you find high-quality boilers for sale for multiple applications. As a third-generation, family-owned company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, we are proud to sell and service boiler equipment throughout the U.S.

The Smith Hughes team has been passionate about providing exceptional customer service and boiler room technology for over seven decades. As the longest-tenured manufacturer representative for Vapor Power Boilers, you can trust us to supply boilers of any size or capacity for your application.

Ohio Package Boilersand Boiler Systems

Smith Hughes has been providing high-quality packaged boilers and boiler systems for Ohio businesses since 1946. We offer:

  • Vapor Power Circulatic® line of steam generators: This line offers a low-cost heating and process steam solution for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Vapor Power Modulatic® steam generators: This brand offers an economical line of high-pressure compact steam boilers for industrial applications.
  • Vapor Power HI-R-Temp® thermal fluid heaters: This thermal fluid heater offers a forced-circulation watertube design and provides a high-quality, general-purpose process heat for marine or industrial applications.
  • Fire-tube boilers: Low maintenance costs and a simple design combine for use in railways, marine applications and industrial sectors.
  • Columbia® boilers: This line of boilers features a vertical, three-pass tubeless design that provides a compact, efficient source for high-pressure steam output. It is used for breweries, medical centers, automotive factories and other applications. Other steam boiler configurations and hot water boilers are available as well.
  • Ohio Specials boilers: This model is the most compact and least expensive boiler on the market. Computer simulations of heat loss and process systems analysis ensure proper operation for your application. Sizes available up to 600HP without a licensed operator.
  • Vapor Power/HSI electric heaters and boilers: Use available power to combine electric and fossil-fueled boilers. You’ll find these models in food processing, health care, power plants and various other applications.
  • Refurbished boilers: Refurbished fire-tube and watertube boilers and hot oil heaters are re-built by the professionals at Smith Hughes. Use them for commercial and industrial applications.

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Ohio Skid Mounted Rental Boilers & Mobile Boiler Room Rentals

In addition to the models listed below, Smith Hughes offers other boilers for rent as well.

If you do not see the model/boiler you are looking for please contact Smith Hughes today to learn about other boiler rental options.

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From 500,000BTU to 18MMBTU.

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Package Boiler Systems Industrial Applications

Smith Hughes provides boilers for:

  • Cosmetics: You can buy boilers for creams and perfumes manufacturing.
  • Surface treatment and automobile industry: Boilers help with metal finishing.
  • Chemical industry: Use your boilers for storing goods or maintaining reactors.
  • Hospitals and hotels: Using boilers for laundry and cooking tasks is common practice.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Professionals use boilers for steam sterilization, vaccines and medicines manufacturing.
  • Rubber industry: Boilers can help with vulcanization/curing.
  • Food industry: Boilers are often used for beverages, industrial bakeries, butcheries, dairy products, sugar refining, rendering processes and the manufacturing of baby food and processed food.
  • Ceramics industry: Use a boiler system for material testing.
  • Textile industry: Boilers are common for weaving and rolling, dyeing and swiveling dryers.
  • Wood industry: Use boilers for melamine and plywood processes.
  • Paper/printing industry: Employ a boiler for tasks like power, tunnel drying, corrugated cardboard manufacturing and printing drying.
  • Oil industry: Use a boiler for heavy oils distribution and storage.
  • Concrete industry: Professionals use boilers for steam turbines, concrete production, concrete kiln waste heat and drying of fuel and raw materials.
  • Asphalt Industry: Steam Boilers are used for rapidly heating crude oil for initial distillation.

Ohio Boiler Room Rental Categories

Boilers come in a wide range of capabilities, configurations and sizes. Smith Hughes rents the following boilers for industrial settings:

  • Steam boilers: Steam boiler rentals can heat large volumes of process water and offer consistent high-heat transfer capabilities.
  • Hot water boilers: Our hot water boiler rentals come in affordable packages and require minimal maintenance. These devices provide buildings with heat or can be used for sanitizing and production requirements and are trailer-mounted and trailer-enclosed for maximum mobility.
  • Hot oil heaters: Hot oil heaters are a low-cost solution that provides consistent heating throughout several industrial settings.

Our team is always ready to answer your call when you need immediate assistance with your boiler. With our extensive rental boiler inventory, Smith Hughes is able to provide 24-hour emergency rental boiler delivery and repair services for all our boiler types to keep everyone in your facility safe.

Ohio Boiler Room Rental Options

Smith Hughes can meet your needs with an impressive inventory of package boiler rental options. We have the boiler system to fit your facility’s requirements, from skid-mounted boiler rentals to mobile boiler rooms. Our boilers are made for year-round use, and each package has its own advantages. Our package type boilers for rent in Ohio include:

  • Trailer-mounted boiler rentals: Our trailer-mounted boiler packages include mobile boilers mounted on heavy-duty trailers. These machines bring maximum steam, hot water and thermal fluid into your facility while retaining high levels of mobility. Trailer-mounted boiler packages provide the power you need for quick solutions and can be used safely in any kind of weather.
  • Mobile boiler rooms: As a self-contained unit, a mobile package rental boiler includes everything you need for long-term operation. All our mobile boiler room rentals are highway legal for 24/7 rapid deployment.
  • Skid-mounted boiler rentals: These compact systems deliver the necessary power for large-scale projects. Skid-mounted boiler rentals help you save space and have a reduced environmental impact.

Ohio Package Rental Boilers

We offer the following rental boiler packages:

  • Thermal fluid heaters: These packages include trailer-enclosed, trailer-mounted and skid-mounted rental boilers.
  • Steam boilers: Rentals feature trailer-enclosed, trailer-mounted and skid-mounted rental boilers.
  • Hot water boilers: Rental packages contain trailer-enclosed and trailer-mounted rental boilers.

Ohio Mobile Boiler Rooms

Smith Hughes offers mobile boiler room packages for lease. These packages are complete with exhaust stacks, gas pressure regulators, operational instructions, interior lighting and everything else you need for a functioning mobile boiler room. All rentals offer all necessary boiler functions without the inconvenience of a location-bound boiler room.

Mobile boiler room packages include:

Ohio Industrial Boiler Servicing

The OSHA-certified technicians at Smith Hughes are committed to ensuring your boiler rooms are operating safely and efficiently at all times. We offer services such as:

  • Code welding: We provide NBIC R Stamp welding alterations and repairs, tube sheet repairs, Morrison tube replacements, non-destructive examination of all welding and more.
  • Boiler services: Come to us for control/valve repairs, piping, combustion analysis, boiler washing, re-tubing, combustion analysis, refractory repair, control upgrades and more.
  • Water softening: Our water softening boiler services include equipment, installations, start-ups and repairs.
  • Boiler room package services: We can design, build, install and maintain a complete boiler room package to meet your needs. If you’d like help choosing the boiler room type that is right for you, reach out to our knowledgeable team for guidance.
  • Design and build boiler rooms: Trust the Smith Hughes professionals to design and/or build a complete boiler room package tailored to your facility’s specifications.
  • Pump services: Come to us for pump installation, pump repair — in the field or shop — and motor repair.

Trust Smith Hughes as Your Ohio Boiler Contractor

Smith Hughes is the only boiler rental company in Cincinnati that sells, rents, installs and services commercial and industrial boilers and provides a complete turnkey package on site. We are proud to assist maintenance and plant managers with the boiler rentals and mobile boiler services they need for their specific applications.

Reach out to us at Smith Hughes for an Ohio boiler rental or to ask questions about purchasing a new or refurbished boiler today.

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