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If you’re looking for moderate steam production that’s compact and comes completely assembled, package boilers are an excellent solution. We’ve been providing high-quality package boilers and boiler room equipment to commercial and industrial customers since 1946, specializing in turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Boiler Industrial Applications

Many industries and facilities can take advantage of these powerful tools, and Smith Hughes is a package boiler supplier that knows how to meet various clients’ needs.

We provide package steam, hot water boilers and thermal fluid heaters for the following industries and applications, among others:

  • Chemical industry: Boilers for reactors, storage
  • Pharmaceuticals: Boilers for medicines manufacturing, vaccines, steam sterilization
  • Cosmetics: Boilers for perfumes and creams manufacturing
  • Food industryBoilers for butcheries, breweries, industrial bakeries, rendering process, dairy products, sugar refining, manufacturing of processed food and baby food, beverages
  • Textile industry: Boilers for swiveling dryers, dyeing, rolling and weaving
  • Paper and printing industry: Boilers for printing drying, corrugated cardboards, drying tunnels, and power
  • Cement industry: Cement kiln waste heat boilers, cement production, steam turbines, drying of raw materials and fuel.
  • Oil industry: Heavy oils storage and distribution
  • Wood industry: Plywood and melamine processes
  • Ceramics industry: Material testing
  • Rubber industry: Curing / vulcanization
  • Hospitals and hotels: Laundry, cooking
  • Surface treatment and automobile industry: Metal finishing, electrodeposits

Package boilers are a great choice for regular operation, but they are also a good solution for responding to emergencies, meeting demands in peak times and maintaining operations during repairs.


How Do Package Boilers Work?

Package boilers include a wide range of boiler types, each of which works a little differently. The various types include:

  • Package steam boilers. Steam boilers are fueled by oil, propane, gas, natural gas, steam or electricity. These can be fire-tube boilers or water-tube boilers and use a combination of fuel sources. In fire-tube boilers, a pipe filled with heated gas is surrounded by water. In a water-tube boiler, the opposite occurs, with pumped water moving through multiple tube or coil sections and surrounded by heated gas.
  • Package hot water boilers. Hot water boilers are somewhat similar to steam boilers but completely filled with water. They deliver the hot water to the application via circulating pumps and can be a fire-tube or water-tube design.
  • Package thermal fluid heaters. A package thermal fluid heater circulates a heating liquid — usually oil — through the system, warming it up via direct contact. They can typically handle high temperatures.

There are also a few common types of water-tube boilers to be aware of, all named based on the shape of the tubes:

  • Steam Generator: A steam generator type package boiler has a combustion chamber in the front and multiple, nested, circular coils in the rear. The steam drum sits above the body of the boiler with a recirculating pump directly beneath it.
  • D-type: A D-type boiler consists of a steam drum above the water drum, with tubes running between them and around in a “D” shape. The furnace sits in the center of the D to heat the water moving through the pipes, letting them move as steam to the steam drum.
  • A-type: An A-type package boiler uses two water drums on the bottom and a steam drum on top, with water tubes running from the steam drum to the water drums, forming a triangular shape around the furnace.
  • O-type: The O-type boiler sandwiches the furnace between the steam drum on top and the water drum on the bottom. The water tubes run around the furnace on either side.

Package Boilers From Smith Hughes

At Smith Hughes, we carry a wide range of package boilers from respected manufacturers and combine them with our expert turnkey service. We can help with many different aspects of buying and owning a boiler:

  • Sales: Our knowledgeable representatives can help you pick the perfect package boiler for your operation that balances performance, cost and ease of use.
  • Service: Work with our expert technicians for simple and easy-to-manage maintenance and service. We can conduct repairs for controls, valves, refractory, tubes, tube sheets and pumps. Other services include code welding, feed systems, insulation and training.
  • Installation: We can provide turnkey installation services including design, rigging, piping, electrical, insulation, start-up and operator training.
  • Auxiliary equipment: Smith Hughes carries a collection of additional equipment, such as water softeners, pumps, feed tanks, transformers, propane vaporizers, hoses, deaerators, blowdown equipment and water treatment systems. We can service these products as well.
  • Designing and building boiler rooms: In addition to individual services, we can also assist with creating the entire boiler room.

We provide services to businesses in the Cincinnati tri-state area, including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We also offer sales and rentals across the country.

Package Boiler Rentals

If your facility is facing a boiler malfunction or yours is undergoing repairs, we offer a wide range of package boiler rentals and serve businesses nationwide. You can expect a large inventory of rental boilers, mobile boiler rooms and skid-mounted boilers to fit the various needs of your operation. You can also trust us for expert service and smooth implementation for steam, hot water and thermal fluid heater systems.

Our services are available 24/7 and in short- or long-term options. We’ll assist with start-up, installation and all necessary training from well-trained technicians. We aim to help you minimize revenue losses and frustrations that come from boiler downtime.

Complete Package Boiler Solutions

Smith Hughes has been delivering trusted, turnkey package boiler solutions for decades — we have over 75 years of industry experience under our belt and can offer the best combination of price, performance and size for your application. Our package boilers offer dependable service for years to come, and we make ownership and renting easy with 24/7 service from factory-trained technicians, along with installation, setup and training help.

Learn what it’s like to work with our experienced team. If you have any questions or need a quote for a package boiler, give us a call at 1-888-956-SHCO or reach out to us online.

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