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When your brewery’s boiler needs maintenance or repairs, it can put production on hold. Boilers perform several crucial tasks in the brewing process, and your business can experience significant profit losses until your boiler is running properly. Rental boilers are cost-effective solutions that keep your company from faltering during that downtime.

The team at Smith Hughes understands how important a boiler is to your brewery’s success. That’s why we’re proud to offer high-quality, reliable equipment and turnkey solutions, including our incredible 24/7/365 service. Our team has the training and on-site experience to recommend and provide the products and services you need.

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Boiler Rooms in a Brewery

Every brewery has specific needs, so the model that fits your business may not be the same unit your competitor has. The system you choose largely depends on what your brewery uses its boiler for. Most boilers in breweries are responsible for at least three tasks:

  1. Providing water for the kettle: A boiler is an essential part of the brewing process. Brewers boil ingredients to create the formulas they want and control the water’s temperature to achieve the intended brew.
  2. Sterilizing equipment: Mold, bacteria and other microorganisms can grow in equipment. Dry or superheated steam kills any microscopic life that might otherwise end up in your beer.
  3. Sanitizing bottles and kegs: Breweries must clean the containers they store and transport beer in. Your boiler ensures customers’ safety without using harsh chemicals or other cleaning agents.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boiler for Your Brewery

The ideal solution for your facility depends on several factors. What you use your boiler for matters as well as other aspects of your business, such as your budget and the physical constraints of your building. Five things to consider when deciding on a boiler for your brewery are:

  1. Adjustable supply. The amount of steam and hot water your facility needs can fluctuate without warning. Boilers with on-demand steam supplies react to those changes faster — smaller units can start releasing steam in seconds after being activated from standby mode.
  2. Energy efficiency. The size of your unit also impacts how well it uses energy. Replacing one large, traditional boiler with two smaller units lets you shut down the second machine during low-volume periods. You’ll cut your energy use in half, and you can turn the second boiler back on when you need more volume.
  3. Space. Smaller models have plenty of advantages, including the amount of space they save. Choose a unit that flows naturally into your workspaces instead of disrupting it. If your brewery is larger and you need more steam and water, a bigger boiler might be better. Remember that a boiler system can include several components — measuring your space and planning its layout can help you decide on the right equipment.
  4. Energy source. How do you power your machines? Your boiler’s energy source will determine a portion of its long-term cost. Boilers use electricity and combustible resources such as natural gas, #2 fuel oil or propane. Keeping your energy as clean as possible helps you comply with emissions standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  5. Material. Steel is the strongest material for commercial boilers and is thicker than copper and allows for a professional to weld leaks. With more longevity and cost efficiency, steel has advantages over other materials such as cast iron too.

Brewery Boiler Rentals

Brewery boiler rentals minimize losses when your boiler is out of commission. Avoid inactivity during short- or long-term downtime by renting a unit that allows your brewery to continue normal operations. Renting a boiler is an effective solution for emergencies or scheduled downtime. Temporary spikes in your supply needs and other brief circumstances are also opportunities to lease an extra unit. You’ll meet peak demand and can return the leased boiler when demand returns to normal.

While some business owners want to rent a boiler for a trial period before buying it, distributors advise against using rentals this way because it makes the process more time-consuming and expensive. Instead, work with the distributor to choose a boiler that you know will meet your needs.

Our extensive selection of boiler rentals feature some of the most dependable units available.

Buying a Boiler for Your Brewery

If you don’t already own a boiler or it’s more cost-effective to replace your equipment instead of repairing it, the same considerations apply to buying a brewery boiler as renting one. Browse our inventory of new and refurbished boiler systems available for purchase.

A quality boiler lasts about 30 years, so buying brewery boilers is an essential investment for your business’s future. Whether you’re looking to buy your first unit or replace old equipment, choosing a boiler can be complicated. Connecting with distributors and other industry professionals about your options and how each model measures up to your brewery’s needs can provide some clarity.

Contact Smith Hughes for Your Brewery Boiler Needs

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, trust the team at Smith Hughes for expert insight and reliable equipment. We’ve been in business for over 70 years, and we’re the only distributor in the Cincinnati, OH, area that provides turnkey solutions to our customers nationwide. Our solutions include boiler equipment design and complete boiler room packages. Smith Hughes leases, sells, installs and services boilers, so we’re ready to work with you at any step in the process.

When your boiler malfunctions or needs maintenance, minimizing downtime should be your first priority. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 service to our customers. We’ll be there when you need us. Our Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-certified technicians handle emergency services at all times, and we can organize overnight delivery for many parts.

Our service and rentals are the best ways to get your brewery back on track when your boiler malfunctions. Contact Smith Hughes for more information about renting a boiler or scheduling service. Call our 24-hour hotline at 1-888-956-SHCO or fill out our online form today.

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