About the RB-300A&B Rental Steam Generator

900 PSIG
Natural Gas-Fired

Stand-alone boiler - shipped loose (2 Units Available). Compatible with RFWS-300AB.

RB-300A&B Vapor Power 300HP Modulatic Steam Generator Gas Fired Steam Boiler Rental

Key Features of The RB-300A&B 300HP Steam Generator

The rental package contains everything you need to ensure the system functions with optimal performance. Upon request, our OSHA-certified and factory-trained service technicians will install the units and help with the setup so that you can get everything running smoothly.

Boiler Rental Package Details:

  • 300HP, 900 PSIG Vapor Steam Generators
  • 10,350PPH From and at 212 Deg. F
  • Natural Gas/Propane - Fired
  • Compatible with Feedwater System RFWS - 300AB

RT-200B Rental Boiler Package

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  • 300HP (2,943 KW)
  • 10,350PPH from and at 212 deg F
  • Thermal Output: 10,042,500 BTU/Hr
  • Construction Codes: ASME, Hartford, Nat. Board
  • Fast Start-upCompact Size and Low Weight
  • Modulating Output
  • High Pressure
  • Safe Operation
Freight, installation (hook-up), start-up and operator training are available through Smith Hughes upon request.

RB-300A&B Rental Steam Generator Specifications and Data

The RB-300A&B steam generator rental is a natural gas-fired, mobile boiler with a shipping weight of 25,000 pounds. Connection sizes include:

  • Natural gas: 3” 150# FLG (1psig required to regulator)
  • No. 2 fuel oil: ½” NPT
  • Feedwater: 1.5” NPT
  • Steam: 3” 600# FLG

Electrical requirements are 460v, 3ph, 60hz, 100Amp.

Freight, installation (hook-up), start-up and operator training are available through Smith Hughes upon request.

Contact Smith Hughes For a Rental Steam Generator

Smith Hughes is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based company providing nationwide service to industrial and commercial companies. We can get you the RB-300A/B steam generator rental wherever you may be. We also operate 24/7/365, so you can have the equipment and services you need whenever you need them. And if you ever require an emergency rental, Smith Hughes will always be available to help.

We've been in business for more than 70 years, including our rental services. Our service technicians are OSHA- and factory-trained to install your rental as well as assist you with start-up and provide any necessary maintenance upon request. With our expertise, you can trust that we'll provide you with the perfect rental.

Renting is a beneficial choice for many reasons. For example, if you have planned outages or repairs scheduled for your regular unit, bringing in a rental unit will enable you to continue operating so that you don't have to sacrifice production. This steam boiler rental package is designed to be placed on-site with minimal installation work required to get your facility back up and running quickly. If you have an equipment shutdown or scheduled outage, this steam boiler rental can be used to carry the load while your equipment is being inspected or repaired.