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6 Types of Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Filters to Consider for Your Business

From goods production at a large facility to small-scale breweries, clean, purified water is a vital component of a business’s success. To achieve the highest quality water, commercial or industrial water treatment is necessary. Find the right one for your company by taking a closer look at the types of filters utilized for business purposes, below.

1. Commercial Water Filters

Commercial water filtration systems are designed to clean a higher volume than residential units but less than industrial-sized systems. The filters utilized for commercial use are usually designed to reduce sediment and matter down to the 20-micron range and prevent buildup. You can utilize one or multiple levels depending on the system arrangement needed by your business.

2. FRP Tank Water Filter

FRP tank water filter systems are typically composed of fiberglass and polyethylene. This combination provides extreme durability, which is why FRP tank filters are often utilized in situations where harsh chemicals are present.

3. Multi-Media Filters

Multi-media filters are typically used as a secondary level of filtration for cloudy, high-sediment water sourced from both public and private supplies. These filters utilize a layered collection of silica, anthracite, and garnet for very fine yet efficient filtration. You can utilize a multi-media filtering system with both commercial and industrial units.

4. Dual-Media Filter

Dual-media filters are designed with two layers to trap impurities. Anthracite coal is utilized to catch larger sediment while a layer of fine sand focuses on the smaller particles.

5. Multi-Cartridge Filters

Multi-cartridge filter systems are designed for high-volume filtrations in both commercial and industrial environments. The use of multiple cartridges provides an exceptional level of purity and are often used in the production of beverages.

6. Industrial Water Filters

Industrial water treatment filtration systems are designed to tackle the needs of high flow rates. Typically, the tanks are made from fiberglass tanks, galvanized steel and epoxy-lined pressure vessels. These systems can be fitted with various filters from multimedia to activated carbon for a more thorough filtration.

There are various commercial and industrial water treatment filtration systems on the market, and each offers its own advantages. Find out which one is right for your business by turning to the professionals at Smith Hughes Company in Cincinnati, OH. The family-owned business is comprised of a team of OSHA-certified boiler specialists. Smith Hughes is also a nationwide boiler rental supplier. Learn more about their water treatment and boiler room equipment by visiting them online or by calling 1-888-956-SHCO.

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