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A Quick Guide to Re-Tubing a Boiler

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An industrial boiler is a crucial part of any business, and without proper boiler maintenance, it may fall victim to corrosion or deterioration, which can lead to a total halt in production. When your unit’s tubing has corroded, eroded or formed a large amount of scale, it can lead to total outage, loss of production and power generation loss. So, in keeping with routine maintenance, you’ll need to enlist re-tubing service from a certified R-Stamp holding company to keep it working efficiently.

Below are three things anyone using an industrial boiler should understand:

  • retubing a boilerWhy Do I Need Re-Tubing? Corroded or eroded tubing in your boiler will significantly diminish the expected life span of the appliance. Because boilers need to withstand high temperatures and pressure, the tubing must be in impeccable shape to keep operations running effectively. Re-tubing will ensure that the tubes themselves from deteriorating or cracking due to scale building, postponing expensive replacements, at least until the next year’s inspection.
  • What Does the Process Entail? To enlist re-tubing services, first, locate a company that is R-stamp (national board certified stamp) certified. They will inspect the boiler for existing signs of cracking or corrosion, hydro-test the boiler if necessary then remove the damaged tubes. Then, they’ll install and weld or roll new boiler tubes and re-hydro-test it to 1.5x the design pressure to check for leaks and to meet code.
  • Finally, they’ll process the required documents and submit them to their authorized inspector and to the National Board to ensure that your business is operating by the book.
  • How Can I Keep My Business Running During Repairs? Boiler re-tubing can take some time, leaving your company at a standstill. Luckily, qualified services offer rental boilers for you to lease and use while your boiler is being repaired. Whether you need a steam, hot water or thermal fluid model, you can find the unit you’re looking for at a comfortable price until you are approved and cleared for continued use of your own.


Keeping up with boiler maintenance will make all the difference in the longevity and cost-effectiveness of your unit. For those in Cincinnati, OH, the most reliable repair team is Smith Hughes Company. This family-owned and operated business repairs and rentals to assist enterprises of all kinds. Each OSHA-certified technician is well-versed in everything from re-tubing to water softener installation. For more help, contact Smith Hughes or call at (513) 271-2226.