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3 Great Boiler Options For Industrial Applications

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For many industrial facilities, a boiler is an essential piece of equipment, producing steam or hot water that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether the steam or hot water is used for sanitation in the food industry or to assist in the textile dyeing process, having a reliable and efficient boiler can make all the difference for quality outcomes. Here is a closer look at some boiler options, listing the different types of boilers industrial facilities are using today.

Top 3 Industrial Boiler Options

Boiler Options: Vapor Boiler1. Water Tube Steam Generators

Water tube steam generators are a popular option for industrial applications, in large part thanks to their high BTU input and their ability to handle extremely high temperatures and pressure levels. Water tube steam generators contain a steam drum and circulate water at high velocity, which allows for rapid steam production. Their compact design requires a much smaller footprint than a traditional boiler.

2. Electric and Electrode Boiler

Though electric boilers are not suited to larger facilities, they can be a great option for locations where less steam or hot water is needed and space is limited.

Electrode steam boilers come is capacities up to 100,000+ PPH steam and can also be used for generating hot water with the addition of a steam-to-hot water heat exchanger.

Electric and Electrode boilers run quietly, reduce emissions, are 99%+ efficient and are easy to maintain. They are also smaller and require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts because they don’t require exhaust systems and other fuel-based components.

3. Fire Tube Boilers

Fire tube boilers use heated, gas-filled tubes to warm a chamber filled with water. Fire tube boilers are most often used for industrial applications that require high levels of steam, though they cannot handle as much pressure as a water tube steam generator and have a much larger footprint.

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