Burner Service for Steam Boiler Efficiency

4 Tips for Boosting Steam Boiler Efficiency

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Hot water or steam boilers provide process and HVAC heat for your business, which is essential as winter approaches and the cold sets in. Since boilers get plenty of use, especially during the cold months, efficiency is a necessity for the environment and your budget. Here are some ways to conserve energy through steam boiler efficiency to keep your utility expenses to a minimum.

4 Ways to Improve Steam Boiler Efficiency

1. Add Insulation

Heat loss is almost always a concern with boilers, which causes them to lose thermal efficiency.  Line the pipes with fiberglass insulation including all valves and traps to lock in heat and boost thermal efficiency. If you notice your utility bill is costing more or building is cooler than usual, but no one has touched the thermostat, check the insulation, imperfections, or worn areas, which may affect system performance.

2. Change the Burners

Weak burners put stress on your boiler and cause it to run inefficiently, so replacing them soon after they begin to deteriorate will reduce your business’s heating costs and energy consumption. Ask your technician to check for wear and tear on linkage components, misaligned burner heads and adequate combustion air at every maintenance appointment. They may also recommend energy-efficient parts to replace the problematic components.  A linkageless burner upgrade can normally be performed without replacing the entire burner.  This can improve fuel-to-steam efficiency and combustion performance as much as 5% and can usually pay for itself in a short period of time.

Fixes for Steam Boiler Efficiency3. Balance Combustion Air

All boilers require combustion air to function, but too much gas will reduce efficiency. Conversely, too little air will result in decreased efficiency, pollution, soot, and potentially explosive gases. Because the correct ratio will depend on your boiler, have your technician perform quarterly combustion analysis.  Fuel/air ratio adjustment through the combustion analysis process is key to maintaining an efficient boiler system.

4. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Perhaps the best way to ensure continued boiler efficiency is by setting up a professional maintenance schedule. Your contractor will inspect it for signs of damage and perform repairs to boost its functionality. They’ll also let you know when it’s time for a replacement.  It is best to have regular maintenance performed at least quarterly in addition to the required annual inspection.  Deficiencies can be discovered during the quarterly inspections and remedied prior to the annual inspection so the boiler is not red-tagged by the state and your boilers can be put back on-line without delay.


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