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Many Florida businesses rely on boilers to generate steam or hot water for manufacturing processes like sterilizing equipment, controlling humidity and propelling turbines for generating electricity. Efficient boiler functionality is crucial for ensuring maximum productivity and preventing unexpected downtime.

Smith Hughes is a reputable nationwide provider of high-quality boiler-related products and services. As an industry leader for over 75 years, we can provide the right solution for businesses in industries ranging from chemical manufacturing and cement to cosmetics and rubber.

Trust Us for Expert Boiler Maintenance and Repairs

Our range of Florida boiler services delivered by experienced, OSHA-certified technicians will keep your equipment on the job and performing well.

Boiler Maintenance

Timely preventive maintenance is essential for reducing the risk of mechanical failures and ensuring efficient operation. It can also prolong the equipment’s life span and identify potential safety hazards.

Smith Hughes technicians can perform a series of inspection and troubleshooting steps to keep your boilers in top condition. Examples include checking components for signs of corrosion, wear and damage, calibrating instruments and controls and lubricating moving parts. We can also perform periodic blowdown procedures to remove sludge and debris from boiler water.

Boiler Repairs

If your boiler fails, it could bring your company’s manufacturing operations to a standstill. We’re available 24/7/365 to come to your Florida facility and repair your equipment promptly.

We have the experience to correct common issues that can inhibit your company’s productivity and result in costly delays. These capabilities cover:

  • Removing scale, which is made of mineral deposits that reduce heat transfer efficiency and can cause overheating
  • Fixing or replacing damaged sensors and other control devices
  • Correcting low water levels that can lead to significant boiler damage
  • Determining the source of leaks in pipes, tanks or seals and making necessary repairs
  • Addressing pressure problems that can occur due to faulty pressure relief valves or regulators

Florida Boiler Rentals

Our Florida emergency boiler rentals can provide a fast, temporary solution when a repair takes longer than expected or you need additional equipment immediately. You’ll find various types of hot water and steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters and other essential boiler room equipment in multiple sizes and configurations. Our skid-mounted and trailer-mounted rentals provide a mobile solution for maximum placement flexibility within your facility.

Our turnkey installation service saves your company time and labor and ensures safety. We can also train your team to operate the equipment correctly. Around-the-clock maintenance and repair service is available throughout the rental term.

Boiler Sales in Florida

If you prefer to own rather than rent your boiler equipment, Smith Hughes carries an assortment of high-quality products for sale. Examples include Vapor Power Hi-R Temp thermal fluid heaters, HSI electric boilers, high-pressure compact steam generators and fire-tube boilers. You’ll also find expertly refurbished models that enable you to cut costs without sacrificing quality or performance.

Other options include essential boiler room equipment and accessories, including feed tanks and deaerators, industrial water treatment systems, stack economizers, combustion equipment and blowdown controls.

All our equipment for sale includes fast, efficient installation and startup services. You can also count on us for reliable after-sales support for as long as you own the equipment, including regular preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.

Why Trust Us for Boiler Services?

Smith Hughes has been providing industry-leading hot water boiler and process steam solutions since 1946. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Cincinnati that focuses on innovation to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Our decades of experience and ability to provide custom, turnkey services set us apart from the other boiler companies.

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Is it time to purchase or rent high-performing boilers and related equipment for your Florida business? Do you need a reliable source for maintenance and repairs? The experienced team at Smith Hughes is ready to help. Submit our online contact form to request additional information and a no-obligation quote today.


In addition to the models listed below, Smith Hughes offers other boilers for rent as well.

If you do not see the model/boiler you are looking for please contact Smith Hughes today to learn about other boiler rental options.

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