Boiler Installation and Start-Up

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Is your boiler showing signs of age or operational deficiencies? It may be time for a new boiler to ensure your plant operates efficiently. Here at Smith Hughes, we offer nationwide turnkey boiler installations in all markets, for all applications. You can rely on our team to provide a reliable solution.

Is It Time for a Boiler Replacement?

At times, it may not be easy to know when to repair or replace your boiler. When faults occur, you may want to call for repairs. However, a few factors may point to a replacement, such as:

  • Poor energy efficiency: If a boiler requires more fuel than usual, it may be nearing the end of its life span. A new boiler will be more efficient and cost-effective, reducing operating costs.
  • Advanced age: A boiler’s life span could be anywhere between 20 to 30 years, depending on how well it is maintained. If a boiler is somewhere in that range, it’s time to consider a new unit.
  • Declined performance: When a boiler’s output has declined over time and requires more frequent repairs, it may be financially beneficial to schedule a replacement.
  • Safety hazards: When a boiler starts leaking or releasing harmful emissions, it poses a risk to everyone in the facility. Maintain the plant’s safety standards with a functional new boiler.

Our Boiler Installation Services

At Smith Hughes, we are industry leaders specializing in process steam and hot water boilers. We provide turnkey installations and take care of the process from start to finish so you don’t have to. Our team travels to any location across the country to provide services. Once we install the boiler, we move on to the start-up process, ensuring everything functions properly.

In addition to the installation and start-up, our team also handles the engineering design, rigging, electric, piping and operator training.

Why Choose Smith Hughes?

Smith Hughes has over 75 years of experience in the boiler market. We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable technicians who will assist you with installation and continue to provide maintenance in the future. Our technicians are also available 24/7 for emergency services, always ready to get your boiler back up and running.

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We provide boilers and maintenance services to clients throughout the country. Our inventory includes a variety of boilers to suit numerous industry applications. Contact Smith Hughes today to request a quote, and our team will

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