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Boilers play an important part in the daily production process at your facility or job site. When you’re running short on resources or there’s a surge in production, you need options to keep operations running smoothly. Smith Hughes is here to deliver the solutions you’re looking for with a selection of skid mounted boilers for rent.

By renting a boiler when one of your boilers is out of commission, you’ll continue to meet standards of production without having to invest in an entirely new system right away. Our skid mounted boiler rentals are designed to offer more flexibility, power and efficiency in a smaller package.

RS-30B Electric Steam Rental Boiler Package

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    Choose Economical Skid Mounted Boilers

    A skid mounted boiler offers advantages in all types of situations. Whether you’re expecting more business than usual this month or your current boiler dies, one of our skid mounted rental boilers can help you maintain your normal operations.

    Some of the reasons our skid mounted rental boilers are so effective for industry leaders include:

    • They’re efficient: Daily productivity and fuel efficiency are two of the most important qualities that a boiler can have. With a skid-mounted boiler from Smith Hughes, you can expect high-quality performance each time you need access to hot water and steam. Their efficiency makes it easier for you to stay on task when demands exceed the capabilities of your current equipment.
    • They’re economical: Like most of our rentals, our skid-mounted boilers for rent are economical thanks to their performance and mobility. These machines are easy to use and maintain, and they offer all the benefits of a high-quality boiler without adding more liabilities to your budget. Long-term rentals can also help you save money on maintenance and repairs.
    • They’re compact: One of the major benefits of the skid mounted boiler is that it offers a compact design. While some water rental boilers can be challenging to set up due to their larger size, skid mounted boilers are better suited for facilities with limited space.
    • They’re portable: The mobility of skid mounted rentals makes them convenient options for business leaders who need quick, simple solutions. You can use them both inside and outside, and they’re easy to transport when you need to move them between facilities or job sites.

    Our Skid Mounted Boilers for Rent

    At Smith Hughes, we offer three main types of rental boilers — including steam boilers, hot water boilers and thermal fluid heaters — for industrial applications. Many of our rentals, such as several of our steam boilers and hot oil boilers, come with skid mounted options. These machines are secured to skid platforms, which allows operators to load them for transport without hassle.

    Our skid mounted boilers offer a smart backup solution when your facility lacks the resources it needs. The skid mounted boilers we have available for rent include the 30 HP natural gas-fired steam boiler and the 4 MMTBU gas-fired thermal fluid heater. These heating solutions are versatile and capable of handling demanding tasks despite their smaller size. If you’re looking for a skid mounted rental boiler that can provide maximum flexibility while simplifying installation and maintenance, one of these options could be ideal.

    Keep Your Business Running With Smith Hughes

    When you work in manufacturing or another industrial setting, you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Renting boilers from Smith Hughes ensures that you have backup support whenever emergencies or shortages arise. We’re on call 24/7 with a selection of skid mounted boilers available for rent so you can stay on top of every project, big or small.

    Short-term rentals act as quick, easy replacements when your equipment needs repairs. Meanwhile, our long-term rentals provide the time necessary to source, purchase, and install replacement equipment. For the duration of your rental, we’ll provide ongoing maintenance and support so you can keep your business running even on the busiest days.

    Once your rental boiler is started up and commissioned, Smith Hughes boiler technicians will ensure your onsite personnel are instructed on the safe operation of the rental boiler.

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    Maximize space and time at your facility by choosing from our inventory of natural gas-fired skid mounted boilers today. We’re ready to serve your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with our high-quality customer care, so call 513-271-2226 or fill out our online form to request a quote.