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If you need access to a boiler room that can go anywhere and adapt to specific project requirements, you can benefit from one of our high-performance mobile boiler room rental packages. We rent out full mobile boiler rooms so you have the ability to service all of the equipment in your onsite boiler system if necessary.

At Smith Hughes, we’ve been helping business leaders produce efficient and reliable steam since 1946. Our years of experience allow us to provide all types of time-saving boiler room solutions. With Smith Hughes mobile boiler room rentals, you can lower maintenance costs and stay ahead of schedule. Our boiler rooms rentals give you an advantage in the industry by providing increased mobility, reliability and power output.


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    Meet Your Project Needs With Boiler Rooms for Rent

    A mobile boiler room is designed for convenience and easy transport. At Smith Hughes, we offer mobile boiler rooms installed in enclosed semi-trailers that operate on natural gas, propane, and No. 2 fuel oil. The rental options we have available come with startup and operator training services. This sets you up with all the resources you need to succeed.

    The greatest benefit of these boiler room rentals is that they’re portable. If you lose access to your facility’s boiler room due to an accident or failure, investing in a mobile boiler room can be a cost-effective temporary solution. While you focus on having your long-term solution repaired or replaced, we’ll fill the gap with an efficient boiler room rental that you can install quickly with rental hoses provided by Smith Hughes.

    Because mobile boiler rooms are enclosed, they can be used or stored outside without the risk of weather damage. These rentals are resistant to harsh conditions and outdoor elements that could otherwise harm exposed equipment.

    Our Inventory of Mobile Boiler Room Options

    Smith Hughes offers a variety of boiler room rental packages to help you produce consistent hot water and steam:

    Hot Water Rental Boilers:

    • RT-4HWA Hot Water Rental Boiler Package:  The 4 MMBTU RT-4HWA boiler rental package is gas-fired and enclosed in a 48′ semi-trailer.
    • RT-6.7HWA Hot Water Rental Boiler Package: The RT-6.7HWA rental package has a design PSI of 125 with a design temperature of 250 degrees.

    Steam Rental Boilers:

    • RT-100A Steam Rental Boiler Package: This 100 HP boiler offers 200 PSIG, which makes it effective for most light- to medium-duty applications. It’s easy to use and install on your job site.
    • RT-100B Steam Rental Boiler Package: The RT-100B is also a 100 HP boiler with a slightly lower pressure of 150 PSIG. It operates at a standard pressure of 135 PSI.
    • RT-200A Steam Rental Boiler Package: Those who need a more powerful option can count on the RT-200A to offer improved horsepower and a 135 PSIG operating pressure.
    • RT-200B Steam Rental Boiler Package: If you’re looking for a higher-pressure solution, the RT-200B operates at 540 PSIG and 200 HP.
    • RT-500A Steam Rental Boiler Package: The RT-500A is our high-horsepower option, delivering 500 HP and a 225 PSIG operating pressure.

    These are just a few of the boiler room options we offer. Our boiler room rental packages run on natural gas, propane or No. 2 fuel oil. They also come with a variety of convenient features and benefits. Our steam boiler room rentals include feedwater systems with duplex pumps, duplex water softening systems and blowdown systems. Our hot water boiler room rentals include duplex pumps, air separators, expansion tanks and water softeners.

    Let Smith Hughes Enhance Your Operations

    Smith Hughes serves as an industry leading source of compact boiler rentals and turnkey boiler solutions. Thanks to our diverse selection of products, we support applications of all sizes with both short-term and long-term rentals. Some of the benefits we offer include:

    • Delivery and installation services: When you order a boiler room rental from Smith Hughes, we’ll deliver and install it on-site. Because our boiler rooms come mounted on their own trailers, they require little installation or maintenance time. This helps you get back to work faster and make the greatest profit from your latest project.
    • Operator instruction: Implementing a new piece of equipment into your daily process, even for a short time, can be a jarring transition for operators. That’s why we streamline the process by offering training and instruction for all our boiler room rentals once startup and commissioning is complete.
    • Full customer service and support: If you need additional support over the course of your rental term, we can be there to help 24/7. Our technicians are available to answer your questions and respond to emergencies at any time.

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    If you’re on the market for a high-quality rental boiler, mobile boiler room rentals could provide just the solution you’re looking for. We use the latest technology and standards to help you maintain safety and performance on the job. Learn more about our rental heating options today by giving us a call at 513-271-2226 or by filling out our online contact form.