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Working in production takes a high level of adaptability. Industrial operations can be unpredictable, and any machine malfunction or failure can slow your processes to a grinding halt. When this happens, it can help to have a reliable backup solution at your disposal. Smith Hughes keeps your projects moving forward by offering a variety of emergency boiler rentals and dependable support services.

Whether business booms unexpectedly or you’re having repairs done on a broken boiler, we can provide a stand-in solution that helps you meet quotas on time. We work with facilities and manufacturing plants in all industries that rely on hot water or steam, including textiles, chemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals and more.

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    Why Do You Need Emergency Rental Boilers?

    When you work in a high-intensity manufacturing or processing environment, an emergency could happen at any time. Your boiler could break down in the middle of a time-sensitive project, leaving you without the ability to produce steam for your applications. On the other hand, a sudden spike in production may force you to compensate when you need more resources to meet demands.

    A boiler malfunction calls for repairs, which can be costly and time-consuming. This inconveniences your consumers and hurts your bottom line over time. We’re here to ease this burden by providing boiler rentals for last-minute situations.

    Renting a boiler allows you to make up for the difference in numbers when one of your machines is decommissioned for repairs. This helps you maintain normal or improved work speed and performance, regardless of what happens.

    Increase Productivity With Our Selection of Boilers

    Smith Hughes has a broad selection of boiler rentals you can count on to meet the needs of your facility. Through a partnership with us, you can rent and use a boiler for as long as you need it. We’re flexible, and we’re committed to developing unique solutions that are compatible with the complex demands of our customers.

    The types of emergency boiler rentals we have available include:

    • Steam boilers: An emergency steam boiler rental is the number one choice for you if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can heat large amounts of water at once. These machines are powerful, durable and capable of supporting both direct and indirect heating. We offer skid-mounted, trailer-mounted and boiler room options for our rental steam boilers.
    • Hot water boilers: Hot water boilers are easy to use and maintain, and they’re excellent for supplying heat to buildings. You can rely on these boilers to provide consistent hot water or steam without requiring much installation or maintenance time. Our hot water boiler packages are natural gas-fired. In addition, we have multiple options available for rent, including trailer-mounted and trailer-enclosed rentals.
    • Thermal fluid heaters: Thermal fluid heaters, also known as hot oil boilers, can meet all your emergency needs. With these boilers, oil acts as the heat carrier and delivers a smart, cost-effective performance from start to finish. Our thermal fluid heaters come with skid-mounted, trailer-mounted and trailer-enclosed options.

    Smith Hughes Water Heaters for Your Industrial Applications

    Having access to high-quality rental boilers helps you maximize gains and save money when the unexpected happens. If demands increase without warning or your boiler breaks down at any time, we’ll be there right away with an efficient, well-maintained rental solution.

    As a company that’s been working with boilers and boiler room technology for over 70 years, we know how to tailor specific solutions and meet the requirements of complex applications. In addition to providing a wide range of diverse emergency rental boilers, we support our customers throughout the rental process. We offer a host of services, including freight, delivery, installation and training. This saves time and helps maintain a strong workflow so you can keep productivity and safety up to your standards.

    Another benefit we offer is access to our maintenance and repair services. Whether you need to rent a boiler for a day or a month, we’re available to help with any issues or concerns that might arise. Our service technicians are on call every day of the year to meet your emergency service requests.

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    Smith Hughes responds to all types of boiler room emergencies. Whatever the situation, we can configure a rental solution that works for your facility and project. We’ll get your business functioning at top speed as quickly as possible, so give us a call at 513-271-2226 or contact us online now to request service.