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What Brewery Owners Need to Know About Steam Boilers

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Steam boilers are essential to brewery operations. Whether you’re a small, local brewer or a major supplier, understanding your equipment can help you make better products and keep the business running smoothly. Smith Hughes Company supplies Cincinnati, OH, brewers with a broad range of boiler room equipment and maintenance services. Here, their knowledgeable staff explains what you should know about this equipment.

How Dry Steam Works

Steam boilers, like those used for breweries, are entirely different from hydronic boilers used in HVAC systems. Steam boilers utilized in breweries work more like air conditioning systems than water heaters because the liquid becomes vapor and then resumes its liquid form during the heating cycle. Brewery boilers operate with dry steam to prevent carryover, which is a result of excess moisture. This issue causes premature condensation and which makes the system less efficient and prevents proper heat transfer needed for a rolling boil and to maintain adequate temperature in the hot liquor tank.  To prevent carryover, keep the steam water content to a minimum, ideally around 1–5%.

How to Use the Safety Valve

Every boiler contains a safety valve to prevent excess interior pressure, which could lead to over pressurization and damage to equipment.. The valve opens when the internal pressure rises above a set point. It’s crucial to check the valve manufacturer’s instruction manual to ensure you operate the boiler at the proper pounds per square inch (psi). Failure to do so could ruin the safety valve by causing it to open and close unnecessarily. Running at an incorrect psi decreases system efficiency by allowing water and steam to escape. Finally, make sure the safety valve outlet is installed to release excess steam outside the building. Steam released into the boiler room or process area can be extremely dangerous, resulting in trouble breathing and third-degree burns.

How to Choose a Trusted Supplier

As any brewmaster knows, producing the perfect beverage takes dedication, patience, and precision. Choose a supplier that shares your commitment to quality. Smith Hughes Company provides its customers with nothing less than the best equipment. Their OSHA-certified technicians are equipped to provide support at every step, from installation to emergency repairs.

Whether you need boiler room equipment for your new brewery or a replacement for an existing system, contact the trusted specialists at Smith Hughes Company. In addition to new equipment, they also offer refurbished and rental boilers, as well as industrial water treatment systems. Call (513) 271-2226 to speak with a representative or visit their website to learn more about their steam boilers.