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A Rental Boiler Professional Shares 3 Things to Know About Thermal Fluid Heaters

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Thermal fluid heaters are an ideal heating source for manufacturing facilities, plants, and other industrial spaces. You don’t need to make a huge financial investment in a thermal heater, as rental boiler options are an affordable way to heat your space while meeting the demands of your bottom line. Below, the rental boiler professionals at Smith Hughes Company in Cincinnati, OH, share three important things to know about thermal fluid heaters.

3 Crucial Facts About Thermal Fluid Heaters

1. They’re an Indirect Method of Heating

A heater of this type does not work like a standard boiler. Instead, the unit heats an intermediary liquid, usually thermal oil. Once warmed, this liquid transfers its heat throughout the larger boiler system. The heating process gives users greater control over temperatures and makes heated environments more comfortable.

2. A Yearly Inspection Is a Wise Idea

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Thermal fluid heaters are remarkably dependable. However, they should still be inspected on a regular basis. In general, a yearly inspection is recommended, but more frequent maintenance and upkeep will ensure your unit stays in top shape. If you are renting your unit, check with your provider for their boiler maintenance and inspection suggestions.

3.  There Are Many Advantages to a Thermal Fluid Heater

In addition to enhanced temperature control, thermal fluid heaters offer several distinct advantages for industrial spaces. There is a lower risk of corrosion and scale formation, and you don’t need to worry about frost developing on the unit. They are also generally easier to use, operate, and repair than other types of boilers, making it easier for you to warm your space without complications.

To explore your options for renting a thermal fluid heater, contact the experts at Smith Hughes Company. Since 1946, they have been serving industrial clients around the world. Call (513) 271-2226 or visit their website to learn more about their rental boilers and receive an estimate.