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Vapor Power Chosen by National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors for Test Facility Boiler Upgrade

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For Immediate Release

Robert C. Forslund, Chief Executive Officer, Vapor Power International, LLC proudly announces the selection of Vapor Power by The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors to supply new boilers for The National Board’s Testing Laboratory north of Columbus, Ohio.

As part of The National Board’s plans for renovation and upgrading of the state-of-the-art test facility – the world’s only independent ASME-certified flow laboratory – Testing Laboratory Manager Brandan Ashbrook, chose Vapor Power to provide three (3) new 220 BHP Modulatic® steam generators, rated at 900 PSIG design pressure, all equipped with the latest in controls and communication technology, to satisfy the Laboratory’s ongoing testing & research needs. Each unit will be equipped with a local PLC and HMI, and a multiple-boiler sequencing control panel will also be supplied. The sequencing panel, in addition to providing traditional lead-lag sequencing, will have Ethernet capabilities and communicate directly with the existing control system.

“The National Board has relied on Vapor steam generators in its Testing Laboratory since 1989,” said Forslund, “and, because of that extensive and positive experience, we are grateful that it has chosen to continue that tradition with Vapor’s Modulatic® steam generators as an industry leader for safety valve & laboratory test facilities,” said Forslund.”

“Steam quality is very important to our testing needs, and the Vapor team has worked tirelessly with the Testing Laboratory to fashion an exceptionally-advanced PLC controlled combination that not only fits our immediate needs but that can address future test challenges as they may arise,” Ashbrook remarked. Ashbrook concluded by noting that “I would be remiss if I did not also extend my profound gratitude to The National Board and to its Executive Director, David Douin, for their ongoing commitment and support without which this important testing facility steam room renovation project would not have been possible. ”

The National Board has also elected to partner with Smith Hughes Company for the installation, start-up and training on the equipment. Smith Hughes has represented Vapor Power International since 1956 and provides sales, complete turnkey project management and after-sale support.

The National Board Testing Laboratory remains the leader in promoting accurate performance measurement of pressure relieving devices and the development of technical standards. The principle roles of the laboratory are to:

  • Evaluate the performance and relieving capacity of safety valves.
  • Support industry research and development by testing new design concepts.
  • Serve as the companion standard for other laboratories.
  • Validate new concepts for industry technical standards.
  • To verify compliance with a variety of construction standards and specifications, pressure relief device testing is conducted on a regular basis for manufacturers, assemblers, and repair organizations located around the world. The laboratory’s testing methods, procedures, equipment, and personnel meet internationally-recognized standards.

Commissioning of the boiler upgrading project is scheduled for the third quarter of 2013.

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