The Circulatic® Line of Steam Generators

Vapor Power Steam Generators provide Low Cost, process and heating steam for Industrial and Commercial Application.

Recirculating Water Tube Units to: 600 BPH and 530 psig 20,700 lbs. per hour.

Circulatic Vapor Power Steam Generators

Key Features of The Circulatic® Vapor Steam Generator

  • Rapid start up – from cold start to full load in five minutes.
  • Easy access to burners – end mounted burner is simple to maintain.
  • High quality steam – guaranteed 99% + dry steam.
  • Low cost coil replacement – multiple coil design permits damaged coil replacement.
  • Minimal soot problems – separate combustion chamber prevents coating coils with partially burned fuels.
  • Minimum prepurge energy loss – smaller size unit allows proper prepurge in seconds.
  • Low fuel requirements – air preheating and refractory lined chamber for complete combustion.
  • Simplified fuel switching – only have to turn selector, no burner changes required.
  • Quick response to load changes – cycle time of less than one minute.
  • Minimum off-on cycling – turndown ratios up to 10-1 for handling wide range of loads.
  • Complete line – nine sizes to permit proper selection for any application.
  • Low installation costs – packaged, compact units require only 60% of floor space needed for firetube boilers.
  • Long life with minimum maintenance – coil design pressure of 1000 psig result in thicker coil walls for longer life.
  • Easy installation skid mounted assembly including control console.
  • Optimum efficiency at any load – full modulation of water, air, fuel & output.
  • Maximum safety – steam drum located outside of firing zone.