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How to Select the Best Brewery Boiler

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When you run a brewery, your boiler is one of the most essential investments. You not only need to a unit for the kettle, you also need to brew hot water for sanitization purposes. Meanwhile, steam is utilized to maintain optimal temperatures as well as to seal bottles. To ensure you make the right choice, the experts from Smith Hughes Company in Cincinnati, OH, have the advice you need.

What Does a Quality Brewery Boiler Need?

1. Ability to Meet Demand

To select the right boiler, consider your brewery’s unique demands. If you buy an excessively large model for your steam needs, you will waste energy and money. Meanwhile, a too-small one may prevent you from cleaning or bottling when you need to. To help resolve this issue, many breweries opt to select two on-demand, modular boilers. If necessary, the brewer can fire up the extra one.

2. Multi-function

Your boiler needs to be able to do it all. It should be able to sanitize, sterilize, keg, can, and bottle. You may even wish to select one that can brew hot liquor. Customizing your steam system to meet your needs will ease stress, boost productivity and streamline your business plan.

3. Adjustable Steam Supply

When you run a brewery, your steam requirements constantly fluctuate, and your boiler needs to be able to keep up. To satisfy rapid-fire changes in steam needs, you need a boiler that remains hot. Unfortunately, that can cost you thousands of dollars per year. To curb expenses, instead, invest in a modular, on-demand model, which can save you as much as a fifth of your overall fuel costs.

For more advice about choosing the best boiler to purchase or for rent, contact the experts from Smith Hughes Company. The team offers a range of boiler room equipment that will help your brewery excel. To learn more about boiler installations, call today at (513) 271-2226 or contact us.