Stainless Steel Stack Economizers

Stainless Steel Stack Economizer

Cain Industries FTR Series

Annual payback for typical process plan is 3 - 5 months


Key Features of The Cain Industries FTR Series Stack Economizer

  • Combustion Capacity: 100 - 30,000 scfm
  • Entering Gas Temps.: 350 - 1,400°F Heat
  • Sink Types: Boiler feedwater, makeup water, process water, hot water return, potable water, thermal fluids, run-around systems.
  • Fin Tube Recovery System with internal thermal expansion design.
  • Applications include pre-heating boiler feedwater, pre-heating hot water return loop, and pre-heating hot oil return loop.
  • Combustion sources with round stack diameters from 14” to 72”, and liquid flow rates from 10 to 500gpm.