Prevent Boiler Corrosion

Boiler Repair Experts Help You Combat Boiler Corrosion

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Boilers are enclosed vessels designed to heat water and create steam. Over time, this process can corrode the metal tank and lead to equipment failure. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce corrosion and prevent the need for frequent boiler repairs. Below, the industrial equipment experts at the Smith Hughes Company of Cincinnati, OH, explain how you can protect your boiler room.

Prevent Boiler Corrosion

The most effective way to slow down the corrosion process is by treating the feed water that enters your boiler. This type of damage is caused by oxidation, but there are solutions you can add to the water to promote the rapid absorption of oxygen before it has a chance to form corrosive cells. The right combination of additives will depend on a variety of factors that are unique to your equipment and water quality. Your boiler repair team will help you find the right treatment.

You can also prevent corrosion by checking the vessel periodically for signs of physical damage. Nicks and cracks that let in oxygen can also encourage corrosion.

Repair Damaged Equipment

Sealing openings in the tank will prevent oxygen from entering and contributing to water oxidation. If you notice signs of corrosion on the boiler, you may still be able to repair it, saving you the cost of a replacement. Powerful chemicals called corrosion inhibitors and alkalinity agents prevent the damage from getting worse, giving you the opportunity to repair the equipment. Implementing a water treatment plan and proper boiler maintenance routine minimizes the risk of oxidation in the future, helping you protect the system.

Corrosion can cause serious damage to your heating system that is difficult and expensive to fix. Fortunately, taking steps to address the cause and treat the early signs of a problem reduce your need for extensive boiler repairs. The team at the Smith Hughes Company will diagnose the issue and recommend a cost-effective course of action. Visit their website to learn more about the commercial services they provide, and call (513) 271-2226 to schedule a consultation. If you are looking to rent a boiler, we can help with your boiler rental needs, too.