Supply Chain Issues With Boiler Parts

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What to Know and How You Can Overcome Them

Boilers are critical appliances usually available in unique styles and configurations, such as package steam boilers and thermal fluid heaters. Accessing the required parts for installation, repairs and maintenance used to be straightforward, but the industry has been experiencing supply chain issues over the last few years. These changes have drastically impacted businesses’ strategies to source the required boiler parts and components. 

Continue reading to understand how the boiler industry is affected and discover unique ways to navigate it during this tumultuous time. 

What’s Going on With Boiler Part Supply Chain Issues? 

The boiler supply chain has experienced serious complications in the last few years. These challenges have made obtaining the necessary boiler parts and components to complete installations and repairs significantly more difficult. Global events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, have led to supply chain issues such as:

Product Shortages and Manufacturing Delays

Boiler systems are in high demand, and manufacturers are having trouble keeping up. This demand has caused manufacturers to fall behind on boiler system and component workflows. 

These supply chain challenges have slowed production schedules, causing commercial and industrial organizations to wait months before acquiring the required boiler parts. This issue has drastically impacted maintenance and repair procedures, leaving companies without a viable solution to get their operations back on track. 

Some common boiler components dealing with shortages include: 

  • Boiler tubes
  • Sight glass valves 
  • Pumps 
  • Electrical elements 
  • Boiler controls

High Prices 

Prices are at an all-time high. Since 2017, boiler costs have increased significantly, most likely due to the high demand and low supply of boiler equipment and products. Because of the logistical challenges and delays, new boiler construction is generally delayed compared to ‘normal’ production times, leading to higher purchase costs. Inflation has also been on the rise due to global issues, affecting the integrity of boiler prices.

Skyrocketing steel prices have also led to boiler costs doubling. Steel is a crucial boiler construction material and has been experiencing price hikes due to a combination of low import levels and flow-on effects from COVID-19. While steel prices have begun leveling out, boiler manufacturers aren’t planning on reducing boiler costs anytime soon. 

Smith Hughes Can Address Your Boiler Industry Concerns

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the market is going to correct itself in the near future — which is where Smith Hughes can help. We understand the current difficulties and offer ways to help commercial and industrial organizations navigate high demands and prices, lengthy lead times and part shortages. Our team is ready to provide customers with competent boiler rentals to help them avoid these costly supply chain issues. 

At Smith Hughes, we have 75 years of experience working closely with boiler systems and products. While we’re based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, we provide comprehensive boiler rental packages across the nation. Our 24/7 emergency services and access to various boiler systems ensure we can provide the equipment you require when you need it most. We’ll design a comprehensive, turnkey solution to support your entire operation while the boiler industry attempts to return to equilibrium.

Contact Smith Hughes to Learn More About Our Boiler Solutions

If you’re interested in renting a boiler system, Smith Hughes has your back. We carry a wide array of package boilers to cover your end-to-end needs. We offer short- and long-term rental options to assist you, whether you’re waiting on parts or want to avoid high costs. Our technicians are ready to help with start-up and installation to minimize your losses and downtime. 

Contact our team online or give us a call at 1-888-956-SHCO to learn more about our package boilers and rental services. 

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