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3 Insider Tips for Installing Your Brewery Boiler

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Brewing may be an art, but choosing the right boiler for the job is a science. Having the proper equipment ensures your facility will be capable of keeping up with customer demand. The boiler installation experts at Smith Hughes Company of Cincinnati, OH, have been helping area businesses, including breweries, choose high-quality heating products since 1946. Over the years, they’ve learned some tips that will help you set up a boiler room—and they want to pass that knowledge to you.

3 Tips for Installing a Brewery Boiler

Use Your Space Wisely

Before purchasing equipment, it’s important to know how much space you have and what you need to accommodate. Many steam kits include a main tank, a condensate transfer unit, a blowdown tank, a water softener, and a chemical feed system. As you measure the space, make sure there is enough room for the equipment as well as your staff, so you can work comfortably.

Understand the Local Codes

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According to Ohio state regulations, all electric boilers need to be properly wired and grounded. If you are installing a cast iron unit, the steam working pressure must not exceed 15 pounds per square inch gauge. All equipment must have the proper safety and relief valves to release pressure; these valves must release a minimum of 3.5 pounds of steam per kilowatt hour to comply with the state’s requirements.

Choose the Right Equipment

Many brewers like working with stainless steel boilers because the material is durable and resists corrosion. Installation experts recommend using power burners because they are safe and energy-efficient. If space in your facility is limited, look for multipurpose equipment that can handle everything from brewing and bottling to sanitizing.

When you need the highest quality boiler room equipment for a fair price, you can count on Smith Hughes Company to match you with the right products. They offer everything from packaged boilers and heat exchangers to industrial water treatment solutions to keep your equipment clean and safe. These experts are also the Cincinnati area’s top choice for boiler repairs and maintenance, making them a one-stop shop for your brewing needs. Looking to rent a boiler for your brewery? For more information about their products and services, call (513) 271-2226 or visit their website.