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3 Benefits of a Vapor Power Steam Generator

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Hundreds of industries today depend on steam generators or a boiler to keep their business afloat. Boiler maintenance companies, in turn, have made rapid advances in the equipment they supply to manufacturing companies so that they can create steam as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the most popular choices among manufacturer’s is the Vapor Power steam generator, which uses advanced technology and engineering to produce fast, energy-efficient and cost-effective results. Cincinnati, OH’s leading boiler provider, and Vapor Power’s oldest manufacturer’s representative,  Smith Hughes Company suggests the following benefits of utilizing this cutting-edge steam producing solution.

3 Unmatched Benefits of a Vapor Power Steam Generator

1. Rapid Start

A Vapor Power steam generator only uses a small amount of water.  Because there is a much smaller volume of water than what you would find in a traditional boiler, and the water is under constant circulation, there is far less wait time for the water to be converted to steam. Firetube boilers, the more traditional model, can take hours to heat up from a cold start. On the other hand, Vapor Power steam generators heaters are ready for use in about five minutes.

2. Energy Reduction

steam generators and boilersEvery business wants to conserve energy as it lends to their reputation as an eco-friendly company and saves a great deal of money on utility costs. Vapor Power steam generators are widely recognized as the more energy-efficient solution for large industries. The size of the unit and the subsequent water volume is much smaller than that of a firetube boiler which allows for greater ability to match the steam output to the steam demand.  Steam load swings based on user demand are exactly what the Vapor Power steam generator are designed for.

3. Customization

The beauty of a Vapor Power steam generator is that it can be customized to run according to each company’s needs. Vapor Power can custom build a flame safeguard system from virtually any manufacturer.  All other components such as circulating pumps and level controls can specified by the end user to suit their preferences or needs.  Because of it’s unique design, a Vapor Power steam generator can be broken down into multiple segments to fit through tight doorways, in elevators or tight installation areas then reassembled on-site and started-up by a factory authorized representative like Smith Hughes.

Are you in the market for a Vapor Power steam generator or boiler maintenance or installation in Cincinnati, OH? Smith Hughes is a full-service operation that caters to the upkeep and efficiency of the modern industrial plane. This team of OSHA-certified technicians is ready to furnish you with anything you need to keep your business running efficiently or to repair the boiler room you are currently running. Interested in a boiler rental? For more help, visit them online or call today at (513) 271-2226.